Pragmata: Release window, trailer, & everything we know


Pragmata is an upcoming and mysterious sci-fi game from Capcom. Here’s everything we know about Pragmata all in one place.

Pragmata involves a man in a space suit, a little girl, and a holographic/robotic cat seemingly existing together at the end of the world. While we know the game will be a sci-fi adventure, little else is known about Pragmata at the moment. The word comes from the Greek language and refers to ‘things that have been done’ as well as duties and obligations.

Despite showing a lot of things, the game’s stylish and creative trailer didn’t give us much to go on, and what it did give us led to more questions than answers. Here’s everything we know about the intriguing new game from Capcom, including its release window, platforms, and more.

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Pragmata gameCapcom
Pragmata is likely to be a sci-fi adventure game, but so far it’s shrouded in mystery.

Does Pragmata have a release date?

No, there is no release date for Pragmata as of yet. However, the game has been confirmed to be released in 2023 after being delayed.

What platforms will Pragmata be on?

Pragmata will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There’s been no word on a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch release.

Pragmata trailer

Check out the game’s reveal trailer below:

Gameplay and setting

We’ve not seen any gameplay from Pragmata yet, although the setting appears to be a post-apocalyptic earth after the planet has suffered some calamity. While the planet appears normal at first despite its lack of people, some twisting growths can be seen coming out of the ground and they seem to have the ability to distort reality – or at least something does.

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The moon also appears to have been altered in some way, looking almost metallic at one point in the trailer. This also shows a spaceman walking through a deserted city before meeting up with a little girl and a holographic/robotic cat.

Something then seems to go awry and the spaceman and little girl need to work together to stay safe, with the girl using some kind of superpowers to ward off the danger. It’s also implied that she may not be fully human. The final scene shows both characters on the moon, staring at the earth as the spaceman refers to it as “our freedom.”

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