PlayStation Stars leak reveals Diamond “invite only” tier for players

an image of playstation starsPlayStation

PlayStation’s upcoming loyalty program PlayStation Stars reportedly features an invitation-only tier, according to new leaks about Sony’s fresh scheme for PS Plus subscribers.

Since the inception of the PlayStation Store, players have wondered whether Sony would implement a service akin to Xbox’s Microsoft Rewards program. In exchange for your hours of playtime, earning achievements, and purchases, players can redeem points towards a multitude of rewards.

Though PlayStation players have seen the arrival of Game Pass style tiers on PS Plus, players can expect Sony’s upcoming loyalty program PlayStation Stars to arrive in the future.

While a few tiers have already been revealed, it appears that Sony has hidden a secret tier within its new service.

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PlayStation Mobile app leak unveils Diamond PlayStation Stars tier

According to Redditor the_andshrew information within “the PlayStation mobile app” shows that “there may be a yet to be revealed and exclusive 5th tier of the service – accessible by invitation only.”

“The 5th tier is called Diamond and has the requirements to reach it listed as Invite only to Diamond Level,” continued the Redditor.

Reaching this currently unavailable tier will reward players “with a Legendary grade collectible called Level 5 Diorama – Bot’s Don’t Breathe” which is adorned with multiple Astro Bots.

The collectible is accompanied by rotating animation, that displays it in all its glory. However, the requirements to be invited to Diamond Level have yet to be determined.

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Currently, the fourth tier for PlayStation Stars requires players to have “bought four full games from PlayStation Store, earned 128 uncommon trophies.”

In return, players will “receive a celebration collectible, chat priority routing and retain all collectibles from Levels 1, 2 and 3.” It is possible that the Diamond Level tier will require further game purchases, however, this is purely speculative.

PlayStation Stars has already received backlash from players amid the declaration that Sony’s customer service will prioritize higher-level members.

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