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PewDiePie makes rookie mistake in Demon’s Souls and it’s hilarious

Published: 8/Dec/2020 16:15

by Lauren Bergin


PewDiePie has become iconic in the YouTube space for his gameplay videos. The father of Let’s Plays, Pewds has discovered one of Demon Souls’ most frustrating features during a livestream. 

PewDiePie is simply a YouTube gaming phenomenon. The self-professed zero death king has played everything from Amnesia to Minecraft, and has recently tried his hand at the remake of Demon Souls, the precursor to the infamous Dark Souls.

The remake of the iconic title has left critics pretty pleased, and we’ve ranked it on our ‘Best PS5 games to play’ list. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that the YouTube sensation has decided to try his hand at the game.


However, barely 1o minutes into a livestream, PewDiePie made a mistake that managed to cost him a lot more than he bargained for.

Bluepoint Games
Pewds may be the zero death king, but Demon’s Souls is determined to change this.

Dying in Demon’s Souls makes you lose your souls

Just as the Swedish gaming king started to make his way up a narrow pathway, he was knocked off into the abyss during a battle with one of the game’s many monsters.

Head in his hands, Pewds continued to joke around but he knows in his heart that the unthinkable has happened: he’s lost all of his souls because of one simple slip.

This has been confirmed by a Reddit post discussing whether or not players lose their souls when they are killed by the environment.


Although the fix is simple – return to where you fell and click on your recently deceased remains, PewDiePie being typical PewDiePie opted not to do this and soldiered on regardless.

The entire situation is hilarious and so stereotypically PewDiePie that it’s worth a watch – after all, how will the zero death king manage to navigate one of history’s most difficult games?