PewDiePie starts new Hardcore Minecraft series & instantly regrets it

YouTube: PewDiePie / Mojang

Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg said goodbye to his iconic Minecraft world on December 7 and launched a new series by starting over again from scratch. However, the Swede’s attempt at Hardcore mode left him missing his old save file.

PewDiePie’s Minecraft videos in 2019 were a major hit as viewers flocked to his channel each week to watch his adventures in the sandbox title. His uploads were so popular, it made the Mojang release one of the most played games of the year on YouTube & Twitch.

Kjellberg revealed on December 7 that he is launching a new series based on the 2009 title, and surprised fans when he said goodbye to his infamous “Bro Land” and started a new world. The Hardcore run had the content creator yearning for his old save file.

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Screenshot of popular YouTuber PewDiePie playing Minecraft Hardcore Mode.YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber has embarked on a Hardcore Minecraft series.

PewDiePie creates Hardcore Minecraft series

The YouTuber kicked off his latest upload by revealing that he was going to be making a new world in Minecraft. “We had an amazing adventure. We built crazy structures that I’m genuinely proud of. We beat the game like 600 times. I know this is going to hurt. But I think it’s time to start a new world,” he said before creating a new save file.

Pewds then announced that his new series would be surviving in the game’s Hardcore mode, though he instantly missed his old in-game pets such as Sven. “I am so lonely. Honestly, this is so sad. I need someone to hold me,” he exclaimed jokingly. After showing off the new base to his audience, the entertainer yelled “Is anyone out there!? I need a friend. Help!”

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The creator then got to work and made his way to the Nether world to collect materials. However, things got tense when he got jumped by a Creeper with only half a heart of life left. “Ahhhh!” he screamed as he sprinted back to his house. After healing, he ended the episode and told his fans “In next episode we are going to find a friend…. I hope!” before adding, “Place your bets how many episodes we’re going to last. If I die, it’s over.”

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The Hardcore mode’s permadeath feature certainly brings a new level of tension to his series. Even though he misses all his pets from the old save file, PewDiePie explained that starting a new world actually felt “good.”

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Fans no doubt will be thrilled to see the new adventures he comes up with in the sandbox title. Hopefully he can reunite with his dog Sven sooner rather than later.