PETA calls for God of War Ragnarok mode that removes violence against animals

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Animal rights organization PETA wants Santa Monica Studio to create a God of War Ragnarok mode that removes violence against animals.

In recent years, PETA has entreated developers and gamers to reduce the level of violence committed against animals in video games. 

Following the release of Far Cry 5 in 2018, the German arm of the animal rights organization pled with Ubisoft to no longer market games in Germany that glorified hunting and fishing.

PETA publicly pondered whether vegans could ethically enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons just a couple of years later. The organization even created a “vegan guide” for the game to help answer “tough ethical questions.”

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PETA wants a new mode added to God of War Ragnarok

It hardly comes as a surprise that the latest God of War adventure hasn’t escaped the nonprofit’s notice. In a recent Twitter post, PETA shared gameplay footage of Kratos’ and Atreus’ battle with a giant wolf named Garm.

The video notes that the father and son duo found the creature surviving in “deplorable conditions.” Meanwhile, the caption accompanying the post asks the crew at Santa Monica Studio to design a “PETA mode,” so Ragnarok “can be played without violence to animals.”

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Yes, sad and somber music plays over the above gameplay footage. And, no, this isn’t a parody account pretending to speak on behalf of PETA. At the very least, the clip does seem a bit tongue-in-cheek.

The development team hasn’t responded to PETA’s God of War Ragnarok request at the time of writing. But a response seems unlikely, given the nonprofit organization’s track record with such matters.

Either way, the rave reviews and high praise from players suggest many are enjoying the title, regardless of who Kratos and Atreus bring down along the way.

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God of War Ragnarok is out now on PS4 and PS5.

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