Tyler1 and Kai Cenat celebrate God of War Ragnarok with epic Kratos cosplays

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Twitch stars Tyler1 and Kai Cenat celebrated the launch of God of War Ragnarok by donning incredible Kratos cosplays, transforming themselves into the PlayStation protagonist.

God of War Ragnarok is one of the biggest game releases of the year, and one of the most highly anticipated sequels in gaming history.

The PlayStation-exclusive title from Santa Monica Studio has triggered a huge wave of cosplays not just from fans of the franchise but from streamers and content creators as well.

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Now, two of Twitch’s biggest stars have joined in on the fun and donned a Kratos outfit, fit with body paint and all.

Kai Cenat and Tyler1 don Kratos cosplays

Tyler1 premiered his Kratos cosplay on November 10 along with his playthrough of the game.

Although his Kratos outfit was impressive – with a big fake beard, his entire face and head covered in white and red paint – he turned around to show that he had run out of body paint by the end and that his back has zero paint on it.

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Kai Cenat, the newest king of Twitch, donned a similar outfit, although he decided to ditch the white body paint that Tyler went for. He also wielded a shrunken butcher’s knife, which wasn’t exactly intimidating.

One viewer commented that Kai looked like if “James Harden and Kratos had a kid.”

Cenat ended up FaceTiming fellow streamer and friend Adin Ross and shouted, “I’m the God of black!”

Although neither of the cosplays was perfectly accurate to Kratos and his iconic look, they certainly had fun getting dressed up in front of thousands of live viewers.

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