How to level up in Payday 3

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Leveling up in Payday 3 will allow you to unlock more weapons, tools and skills for your loadouts. But how exactly do you level up in Payday 3, and is there a limit?

Payday 3 is available now in early access and players are hoping to begin their criminal career by robbing banks and jewelry stores across the game’s elaborate heists.

One thing that’s proving to be particularly tricky for Payday 3 players is knowing how exactly to level up. Since it’s not explained fully in-game how to raise your infamy level, here is everything you need to know.

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How to level up in Payday 3

Unlike Payday 2, where experience points were based on completing objectives during heists, Payday 3 features a challenge system to level up your infamy.

These aren’t necessarily just about completing objectives, but also performing different kinds of feats during heists. For example, killing a certain amount of enemies with a specific weapon, or completing the mission without going down. You can track your progression by going to the Challenges section in the main menu.

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When you raise your infamy level, you’ll unlock skill points, new weapons and gear, and a variety of cosmetic items such as masks, suits, and gloves.

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What is the level cap in Payday 3?

The level cap in Payday 3 is currently Infamy Level 150. So you’ll be able to raise your level 150 times before hitting the limit. However, you will obtain most unlocks by Level 100, leaving the final 50 levels there as bragging rights.

Unlike Payday 2, you do not earn skill points at every level though. The maximum number of skill points you can have in Payday 3 is 21. This is to ensure a healthy balance of skills and to encourage players to specialize their builds in a specific way.

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And that’s all you need to know about leveling up in Payday 3. Check out the rest of our Payday 3 guides here:

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