Overwatch 2 players claim they miss loot boxes amid Battle Pass woes

Brianna Reeves
overwatch 2 battle pass

Some Overwatch 2 players argue that loot boxes from the original game are superior to the current battle pass system.

The original Overwatch may have put loot boxes on the map, but the sequel includes no such feature. Between the two releases, governments around the world cracked down on the usage of loot boxes in video games, with some countries banning or restricting access due to gambling concerns.

As a result, Blizzard did away with paid loot boxes in Overwatch and introduced battle pass-based monetization in the newest entry.

Many fans aren’t too fond of this system either, thus creating a divide between those who prefer the new and the old.

Overwatch 2 users say they prefer loot boxes over the battle pass

Reddit user Redditarinn started a thread about longing for Overwatch’s loot box days. While the player recognizes the system didn’t quite fit in some games, they argued that “loot boxes really worked well in Overwatch.”

Naturally, several other Overwatch faithful joined the discussion, with many saying they agree with the original poster’s stance.

“I too miss being rewarded for playing the game and having fun. It wasn’t perfect, sure, but it was a hell of a lot better than ‘hue hue, grind battle pass and pay us for worthwhile stuff,'” wrote another user.

overwatch 2 battle pass

But there are many others who think this sentiment is “delusional.” Said one person, “Man I hate that the current climate of these awful battle passes is so sh** that people are now missing loot crates.”

Another player wrote, “Getting free loot boxes for accomplishing things is great. Monetizing loot boxes is awful and anyone who defends them is delusional.”

Overwatch 2 users have expressed their frustrations with the monetization for months now, especially given the cost of certain in-game skins. The recent news that upcoming story missions will cost $15 only made matters worse.

Evidently, this is one debate the Overwatch community will continue to have for a long time to come.

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