Overwatch 2 players slam Blizzard for “lazy” Ana skin model copying earlier assets

Liam Ho
OW2 Ana

Overwatch 2 players have slammed Blizzard for a “lazy” Ana skin that appears to share the same first-person model as a previously released cosmetic.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 has some of the best and most diverse skins available in gaming today. Often times these skins come with unique sound effects, voice lines, and more to give the skin that much more individuality.

Like in other games, skins can come in various tiers and often will be priced differently depending on the quality. Legendary skins cost the most and generally offer the most bells and whistles, epic skins can offer slight change-ups in a skins model whilst rare skins are normally just color changes. Blizzard occasionally runs campaigns offering out skins for free, with the most recent event handing out an Ana skin to players who partake.

The new Spiritwarder Ana skin was given out to players who completed the campaign during Season 5 of Overwatch 2. However, after receiving it players noticed that the skin seemingly features the exact same model as the original Bastet skin from Ana’s Overwatch 1 campaign. This is even more apparent when viewed in first person, where the Spiritwarder skin shares the exact same first-person model as Bastet Ana.

Overwatch 2 player points out new Ana skin shares same first-person view as earlier skin

The Reddit post showcases the new Spiritwarder Ana skin in first person, which for some reason has a color scheme different from the model. The arm shown in-game features white and gold colors despite the in-game model clearly showing grey and red arms.

Players are not too pleased with this, slamming Blizzard for being “lazy”.

“Whole new level of lazy” one user disappointedly stated.

Another pointed out that this has actually happened before.

“This happened some time ago with Mercy’s Gladiator skins too. They just don’t care anymore,” the player claimed.

byu/DioguinIsMe from discussion

It’s uncertain if this is a bug or intended for the skin, but regardless, Overwatch 2 players are not too happy about it. We’ll be sure to update you here should devs chime in over the coming days.

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