Overwatch 2 gives John Cena his own Hero Abilities after “Enigma” reveal

Jake Nichols
John Cena is EnigmaBlizzard Entertainment

Following the revelation of “Enigma” in Overwatch 2, Blizzard has humorously imagined a hero ability kit for WWE legend John Cena.

In a whirlwind of speculation and guesswork, fans decoded the cryptic hints dropped by Overwatch’s developers, leading to the much-anticipated announcement. The “Enigma” turned out to be none other than John Cena, contributing to the hype for the upcoming Overwatch 2’s Invasion update.

In a video uploaded to Overwatch’s YouTube channel, Enigma is seen uploading a video message, warning of the imminent “Invasion” and calling on heroes to defend the cities of Rio, Gothenburg, and Toronto against the villainous forces of Null Sector. Cena, voicing Enigma, calls for reinforcements saying, “Together, we will fight for the future. Answer the call, heroes. It’s time to fight back. Prepare for the Invasion.”

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Following the big reveal, Overwatch had another surprise up its sleeve. In a playful tweet, the team released a fake — yet entertaining — ability kit for Cena.

The first ability, ‘Can’t See Me,’ would allow Cena to wave his hand in front of his face and become invisible to the enemy team, a nod to one of his popular WWE catchphrases. The ‘invisibility’ would last forever, with the character being able to use other abilities simultaneously.

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A second ability, ‘The Dance From That Clip,’ references Cena’s internet-famous dance and would force enemies to stop attacking their target, redirect their attention to Cena’s character, and appreciate the reference with a chuckle.

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His Ultimate ability, aptly named ‘And His Name Is,’ would involve canceling the next enemy Ultimate by loudly reminding everyone of his name and blaring his theme song at dangerously high volumes.

Cena’s Passive ability, ‘Are you sure about that?’ would leave enemies second-guessing their attacks. Those who attempt to damage Cena’s character would be met with a pop-up window questioning their decision, leaving them immobile until they confirm their intention.

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It’s clear that the Overwatch 2 team has had some fun creating this fictional hero kit, balancing humor with clever references to Cena’s WWE career.

And fortunately, these humorous abilities won’t be making an actual appearance in the game.

Overwatch 2: Invasion goes live on Thursday, August 10.

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