Overdose: What we know about Hideo Kojima’s rumored game so far

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Hideo Kojima is hard at work on a new game and rumors are suggesting that it’s a horror game called Overdose. A request from Kojima Productions indicates that this may very well be the case, so here’s the latest news.

After the parting of ways between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the Metal Gear Solid creator has been best know for his work on Death Stranding and an alleged sequel. There was also the excitement surrounding the PT project AKA Silent Hills, however, that was sadly canceled.

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Aside from Death Stranding, it seems that Kojima is working on a new horror game after all — if reports are to be believed.

In the last few days, we’ve learned that Kojima is working alongside Xbox Game Studios to create a new title entirely. Industry leaker Tom Henderson had claimed that Hideo Kojima’s new game is a horror title called Overdose, and the leaker has followed up with some interesting details pertaining to the game’s potential existence.

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sam with baby in death strandingKojima Productions
Hideo Kojima has been keen to tell even more fascinating stories since he left Konami.

Hideo Kojima’s Overdose confirmed to be in development?

Henderson’s original report on Overdose came via footage, sent by an unnamed source, of the project and “shows the character walking through dark corridors with a flashlight in third-person, but it’s been suggested that the game can be played in first-person too. A jump scare at the end of the footage shows “GAMEOVER” followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game”… “OVERDOSE”.

Since then, Henderson has commented further on the matter with an exclusive article at Try Hard Guides talking about how Kojima Productions asked Henderson to take down the report.

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“Soon after the publication of the report, Kojima Productions reached out to ask for the report to be removed, of which I kindly declined,” Henderson said before going on to talk about even more Overdose details.

“One key detail though, that I failed to report on with the footage that I was shown, is that the person appears to be playing the game on some kind of mobile device, which appears to almost certainly be a Google Pixel. It’s likely a huge coincidence that the mobile device used seems to be a Google Pixel, but it reasserts that the Overdose title is almost certainly the Xbox cloud-based title that was announced, especially considering Google had denied reports it had any games in development from Kojima.”

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lisa watching overhead in ptKojima Productions
PT shows that Hideo Kojima and his team have the vision for a proper horror game.

Henderson finishes by saying that they only wanted the article to be removed “for now,” which suggests they would like it to be taken down until they get to announce it themselves.

Even though there’s a lot of substance here and reliability with what Henderson says, this has to be considered speculation and should be taken with a pinch of salt, until Kojima Productions announces that Overdose does indeed exist.

We’ll update this page once we learn more.

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