Hideo Kojima’s OD: Everything we know about Overdose so far

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Hideo Kojima is working on a new game called Overdoes or just OD, here’s everything we know about the game so far. 

As well as an alleged sequel to Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is also working on a new horror game called OD or Overdose which is said to explore the true nature of fear. The game is being made in partnership with Xbox Game Studios and aims to blur the line between video games and horror movies. 

Like Death Stranding before it, the game looks to recruit actors, writers, and other creatives from Hollywood and the TV industry to create a new experience. Legendary horror film director Jordan Peele is also attached to the project, so expect some frights and thought-provoking social commentary in OD.


OD game trailer
OD already gives us the chills.

Does OD have a release date?

No, we expect that OD is years away from release. Hideo Kojima is likely still focused on Death Stranding 2, so we’re a while away from even a release window.

What platforms will OD be on?

It’s far too early to know, but due to Microsoft’s involvement, the game could end up being an Xbox/PC title only. We expect it will land on current gen, but it all depends on how long development takes. 

OD trailer

Check out the creepy trailer for OD from the 2023 Game Awards:

Setting & gameplay

At this stage we know very little about OD’s setting and what gameplay will look like. Hideo Kojima’s games don’t always end up looking like we expect them to, so prepare for anything. However, what we do know is OD is going to be a truly frightening experience and may not be a traditional game at all.

We also expect it will include Kojima’s unconventional style when it comes to gameplay and storytelling. Of course, this isn’t Kojima’s first foray into horror and we’ll be interested to see if the legendary developer recycles any ideas from P.T., the playable teaser for the canceled Silent Hills.

There are even some who whisper that OD is secretly a Silent Hill game and that Konami’s involvement is being kept quiet, but there isn’t any solid evidence to support this theory so far. 

The trailer shows actors Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier reciting a poem after hearing a Geiger counter as a strange symbol appears in their eyes. As they do, something beats on a door, seemingly trying to get to them. The poem, involving adjectives and animals becomes steadily more creepy as Lillis screams in terror, as presumably, the thing that was beating on the door reveals itself.

Quite what any of this means is anyone’s guess, but the trailer ends with the text, “For all players and screamers,” suggesting that OD will cater to gamers and horror movie/TV fans.

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