NICKMERCS will be “brutally honest” about Dr Disrepect’s game but it’s too early to judge

Connor Bennett
NICKMERCS talking to camera next to DEADROP battle royale logo

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff urged some of his viewers to pump the brakes on hyping up Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP battle royale, noting it’s “too early” to be making big claims about it.

With the battle royale market getting bigger and bigger by the months, plenty of games have claimed that they could make the perfect game. However, only one has put their money where they mouth is – Dr Disrespect.

The Two-Time has been working on a vertical battle royale known as DEADROP with his Midnight Society studio, and, finally put out a playable snapshot for fans to take a look at. Though, it did prompt a bit of backlash given The Doc’s comments about his game looking better than Modern Warfare 2, as some viewers vehemently disagreed.

Plenty of hype remains around The Doc’s game, especially as he and his studio are taking feedback on board before release. Though, NICKMERCS believes it’s too early to give it too much hype.

NICKMERCS urges patience with hype for Dr Disrespect’s game

In his August 14 video, the FaZe Clan star was discussing the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2, and touched on how game developers may not take feedback on board, despite running plenty of playtests.

That prompted one viewer to point to Doc’s game, and how Midnight Society is doing things differently on that front. “That’s why Doc’s game is different because they’re doing that from the beginning? Listen, be careful with The Doc game gas alright? It’s so early!” Nick responded.

The Twitch star joked that the game might not see the light of day until “2050,” but he’d still give it a go anyway.

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Nick also noted that he’d be brutally honest about his pal’s game too. “If Doc’s game is trash would you be honest with him? Oh yeah,” Nick added. “If you’re in my stream, the one thing I feel you guys should know by now is that I’m brutally honest.”

Obviously, the Doc’s game is a fair way off releasing in full, and we’ll likely see many changes before the likes of Nick are able to grind it for a few hours, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on things.