Dr Disrespect applauds The Finals Beta but claims a few key “changes” are needed

Dr Disrespect playing The FinalsYouTube: DrDisrespect / EMBARK STUDIOS

Dr DisRespect added to the praise The Finals has been receiving in its Beta, but says the game needs to make a few changes for it to last in the long run. 

The Finals has been causing some buzz in the FPS space as its closed beta kicked off earlier this week. Streamers have since gotten their hands on it to see how it may compare to their usual rotation of FPS games, and the consensus so far has been fairly positive. 

The Doc too initially praised the game for trying to innovate the genre. Calling it a mixture of Battlefield, TF2, and Overwatch. But he also held reservations for its destructible environments as he points out it can be disastrous if done wrong. 

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But after getting more time with the game, and streaming his first matches over a near-seven hour stretch on March 8, it seems to have left him with a good feeling for the FPS newcomer. Albeit, with some changes and additions he feels are essential for long-term success.

Dr Disrespect comments on The Finals at 6:50:30 below

“Obviously there’s a couple of tuning changes, but that’s all part of this whole closed beta,” Doc said, as he wrapped up his stream with some final thoughts,

He praised the movement mechanics for the most part, which allowed him to traverse the map in a fast and fluid fashion, pointing out the obvious inspirations to Apex Legends. A huge focal point considering the game’s overall obsession with speed and rushing from one side to another with an objective in-hand.

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But Dr Disrespect suggested that if The Finals wanted to have the same longevity and staying power akin to other FPS juggernauts, it would need to start adding other game modes sooner than later. 

One such suggestion, which was given by a viewer in chat, was a Capture The Flag mode, which he agreed would be nice to play. Further saying that the developers would need to figure out different kinds of game modes to keep people interested in the weeks and months following launch. 

Overall though, Doc seemingly enjoyed the game for as long as he played it. However, he remains curious to see how the game grows and evolves, as he is not convinced the one current game mode will be enough to retain player attention for long.

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