NFT FPS game coming from Halo & CoD devs according to insider

Michael Gwilliam
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With all the popularity around NFTs and the internet going crazy over them, it appears that a new video game is looking to get into the action in the form of a AAA FPS title designed around the craze.

As more and more influencers get involved in the crypto movement and NFTs become more mainstream, it was only a matter of time before video games entered the fray.

According to generally reliable insider and leaker Tom Henderson, who has had multiple correct video game scoops in the past, an NFT-based game is scheduled to release in 2023.

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Remember to take all these rumors with a grain of salt as anything can change, but this game could be one to be on the lookout for leading into the new year.

Free-to-play NFT first-person shooter leaked

Tom Henderson states that the game will be similar to Escape from Tarkov despite being a “competitive” FPS. Basically, this means players will join a map, loot weapons, items, and gear and then get out with all their new stuff.

The unique part is that items you get can be sold in the game’s marketplace for the game’s own cryptocurrency that you can then trade for real-world money or other forms of crypto.

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Additionally, the game will feature a map editor and designing maps is highly rewarding because players will get more currency when their map is played.

Call of Duty & Halo devs working on NFT FPS

Henderson also explained how some “top FPS influencers” are being advised on the title. While he didn’t name any names, the developers should make potential fans very excited.

Though the studio behind the game wasn’t confirmed, Henderson noted that former Halo, CoD and The Division developers are said to be working on it.

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The supposed plan for the game is for it to be free-to-play with some subscription options for $10 and $20 a month which will give players access to new rewards, drops, tournaments and other goodies.

In a concluding tweet, Henderson wrote, “essentially, the game is Escape From Tarkov with competitive elements, a map creator, and the ability to make money from extracting items successfully. The rarer and better the item = the more crypto you can sell and money you can make.”

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With the game expected to be announced in the coming months, fans should keep their eyes open for a big reveal. Until then, all we can do is imagine and hope that another big FPS enters the fray.

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