NBA 2K23 dev confirms “tougher shooting” for three-pointer nerf

Ryan Lemay
nba 2k23 gameplay enhancements

Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, revealed more challenging shooting in NBA 2K23 as part of wide-sweeping changes.

NBA 2K23 does not appear to shy away from implementing significant gameplay changes. We already know about stamina changes targeted at ball hogs and a new green shot mechanic.

Shooting is always a contentious issue in the basketball game series. Players often go back and forth, arguing over it being too easy or hard. Finding a perfect balance leads to headaches for developers, but Wang made the team’s stance clear for NBA 2K23.

Wang claimed his favorite improvement from 2K22 to 2K23 is an increased shooting skill gap, meaning it will require more skill than before for players to score.

nba 2k23 adrenaline
Jordan Poole celebrating a three-point make in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 makes shooting more challenging but rewarding

Wang recommended players get their My Player three-point ratings in the mid to high 80s at a minimum to score consistently in NBA 2K23.

The Gamer Director also said, “be prepared for a tougher shooting year than last year online. At least until you get your ratings and badges equipped.”

A 2K player asked in the comments asked how much of an impact the changes will have on players when they have all of their badges max level.

Skill Badges grant boosts such as better shooting, finishing, or playmaking abilities. Players can equip multiple badges at a time, giving them advantages in-game. Wang responded, “Even fully maxed out, field goal %’s should be significantly lower than what you saw in 22.”

Wang’s initial tweet reached just over 7,500 likes, and community members overwhelmingly supported the change. The dribbling changes and green shot rework also received positive reception.

2K is listening to community concerns, and we will see every new feature in action on September 9, when the latest installment launches.

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