NBA 2K23 players give seal of approval for green shot rework

Ryan Lemay
nba 2k22 fans call devs lazy

Green shots are a staple of NBA 2K games, but players are embracing a rumored change to the fan-favorite feature.

2K’s annual basketball installment is receiving a massive overhaul. The developers already confirmed reworked signature jumpers, improved shooting, and dribbling changes coming to NBA 2K23.

Players are cautiously optimistic that 2K23 will deliver on all of its promises, especially one feature in particular.

nba 2k23 gameplay enhancements
Steph Curry’s infamous celebration will be in NBA 2K23.

New green shot mechanic supported by 2K community

An NBA community page NBA2KMovement claimed players won’t know if their shots are green until it hits the basket.

A green shot refers to a perfect release. Green shots are almost guaranteed to go in, but there is always a chance for the shot to roll out or be blocked by an opposing player.

Reddit user Basketball8907 posted a thread asking for the community’s opinion.

One player commented, “anything that makes the game look more like basketball is good by me.” The opinion received 704 upvotes and several responses in agreement.

Another user stated, “It’s a fantastic change and will make cherry pickers pay. Although, they’ll have green animations in the game, so if someone doesn’t see a green animation they’ll most likely assume it’s a miss anyway.”

Cherry picking is a well-reported issue in the Park. Currently, players know before the ball is out of their hands whether or not a shot is green. If opposing players know the shot is green they can just go wait on the other side of the court for an easy score.

If players didn’t know a shot’s result it would force them to stay on defense and go for a rebound.

A third player added, “I like it because it adds a more realistic feel and anticipation effect for each shot.”

Delayed green shots add a new layer to NBA 2K23, and players seem to be fully on board.