MTG Doctor Who spoilers land at San Diego Comic-Con

Joel Loynds
MTG Doctor Who spoilers

The latest cards from the upcoming Magic Doctor Who-themed set have appeared, giving us a look at MTG’s next big crossover set.

At a MTG panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Wizards of the Coast revealed the latest cards from the upcoming Universes Beyond set themed around Doctor Who.

The cards shown reveal the bigger focus on Planechase. This Magic multiplayer format adds additional rules through Planechase cards and fits in well with Doctor Who, as you travel across the universe.

So far, we’ve seen TARDIS Bay, which appears to be themed around the Doctor’s theft of the iconic time-traveling machine. There’s also Bad Wolf Bay, where Rose was forever trapped in an alternate dimension. This card deals with exiling creatures from the game.

We also get Planechase cards, The Doctor’s Tomb, from Matt Smith’s final story as the 11th Doctor, and A Fixed Point In Time, which is themed around Clara’s death with the 12th Doctor.

First look at the TARDIS and 10th Doctor in MTG

Of course, the new Vehicle card introduced, the TARDIS, requires a crew of two to activate and adds Cascade to your next spell. After this, you can Planeswalk, which takes you to the next Planechase card.

Cascade allows players to exile cards from the top of the deck until they find something that is less in mana cost. They can then cast that for free, and put all the exiled cards at the bottom of the deck.

MTG 10th Doctor card

We also got a peek at how The Doctors themselves will work. So far we’ve only seen the Tenth Doctor, who has a unique ability “Allon-sy!” This exiles cards from your deck after you attack until you manage to find a non-land card. It then applies three-time counters and adds suspend to the card.

Suspend is an ability that doesn’t often come around in MTG, with the last time being a one-off in New Capenna’s Commander decks.

He can also use “Timey-Wimey”, which costs 7 mana, and allows you to “time travel” three times – which we assume ties into Planechase.

Magic is invaded by Daleks, clues, and aliens, oh my!

MTG token cards

It also gave us a glimpse at some of the tokens we’ll be getting from the four Commander decks set to launch. This includes Daleks, alien insects, Clue tokens, and Food tokens – complete with fish fingers and custard artwork.

With Daleks being represented by tokens, it appears that the villain-themed deck will feature an emphasis on generating legions of the Doctor’s enemies. This is backed up by the sorcery card Exterminate!, which can use Replicate, to tap various Dalek creatures to copy the card.

MTG Exterminate

The saga card, The Parting of Ways, represents the Ninth Doctor’s last TV adventure. This card also deals with exiling cards and the suspend mechanic, as well as the new time travel mechanic too. It then culminates in the destruction of one artifact for each opponent, like when Rose destroyed the Dalek fleet.

MTG Parting of Ways

When does MTG Universes Beyond: Doctor Who launch?

MTG’s Universes Beyond: Doctor Who launches October 13, 2023, and comes as four preconstructed Commander decks, as well as Collector Boosters with unique artwork.

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