Doctor Who fans convinced musical episode is finally coming

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An image of Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson on the set of Doctor Who Season 14.

After the most recent Doctor Who casting news, fans of the beloved sci-fi show are convinced that a musical episode is finally coming.

As a long-running series that can often be camp in nature, it’s surprising that Doctor Who hasn’t ventured into musical territory before.

With Russell T Davies returning as showrunner, however, and the recent casting of Broadway performers Jinkx Monsoon and Jonathan Groff, fans are convinced that a musical episode of the show is on the way.

Doctor Who fans are convinced a musical episode is finally coming

Speculation about a Doctor Who musical episode first sparked among fans earlier this year when RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon was revealed to be playing a key role in Season 14, and this was further fueled when a first look at Monsoon’s piano-themed costume was shared via the show’s social channels.

On May 5, 2023, Broadway star Jonathan Groff was also revealed to be playing a key role in Season 14, and this coupled with Monsoon’s casting has convinced Doctor Who fans that a musical episode is finally on the way with Whovians taking to Reddit to discuss the possibilities.

On Groff’s casting one fan remarked “Oh interesting! Between him and Jinx, I think we’re definitely getting some sort of musical episode or sequence.” While another noted the music pun made in the announcement, commenting “The tweet calls his casting “another high note”, which is definitely a music pun.”

A separate thread on r/gallifrey had Whovians sharing some of their own theories. After one commenter simply stated that “RTD is in his Broadway Era” another replied with “I always thought a character called The Conductor who had the innate ability to cause people to sing/dance would be fascinating for a musical episode.

“You could even have him be miserable as he initially hates his ability until The Doctor cheers him up/encourages him… until even The Doctor gets bored and annoyed with him. Causing them to go into a spiral and go full tilt musical villain.”

Finally, one fan thinks the high-profile casting of Monsoon, Groff, and Neil Patrick Harris (who is set to play opposite David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor in the upcoming 60th-anniversary) are connected and they “are all playing different incarnations/versions of the same character”

Only time will tell if a musical episode of Doctor Who is coming but we’ll be sure to update you on all the latest news right here.

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