Every Compleated Planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering

compleated planeswalker ajaaniNestor Ossandon Leal

The Compleated Planeswalkers for MTG are completely devasting for a lot of fans. Major characters have now fallen to Phyrexia. Who could be next?

With All Will Be One now fully in the can, and the build-up to March of the Machines on the way, let’s break down who has been compleated from the legion of superfriends known as Planeswalkers.

However, the body horror massacre of Magic’s heroes has been a little muted. Almost all of the designs are grotesque enough to really solidify what’s happening in the story, but the way they’re happening is a little bit of a letdown.

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We don’t know who will be next, but if Jace and Nissa have succumbed to the evil oil, then there’s no hope for the future, right?


What is compleation?

Tamiyo's CompleationDominik Mayer
Tamiyo’s Compleation

Compleation is the Phyrexian conversion. Think the Borg, but with more oil and surgery. By infecting things, people, or animals by dumping Phyrexian oil, they eventually turn into robot mutants with an undying loyalty to Phyreixa.

The problem for the villains over on Phyrexia, was that they couldn’t convert a Planeswalker without destroying their spark. A spark is what makes a Planeswalker. Without it, they can’t cross the multiverse, something the infectious Phyrexians want more than anything.

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In Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the villain Jin-Gitaxias successfully converted planeswalker Tamiyo. Eventually, longtime hero Ajaani was also compleated.

Vraska and NissaChase Stone
Vraska and Nissa

Other compleat Planeswalkers

But these aren’t the first to be captured and altered by Phyrexia. Planeswalker Vesner died a long time ago but appears in the new cards as Venser, Corpse Puppet. Obviously a shell of his former self with no spark.

Venser, Corpse PuppetIgor Kieryluk

There’s also Tezzeret, a reoccurring villain who is always on the shady side of things. While he looks compleated, he’s actually just sneaky enough to be working for the Phyrexians. Unless in March of the Machines, he’s finally caught.

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Compleated Planeswalkers

Lukka & JaceChase Stone
Ajani & Tamiyo

As spoiler season sneaks up on us, and the stories have almost all been released, let’s see who is compleated. If you didn’t follow on from Dominaria United, it got much worse.

  • Ajani
    • Converted sometime during or before Dominaria United. Is now fighting on the front lines for Phyrexia.
  • Jace
    • As he tried to put his love, Varaska, at ease during her infection, he failed to notice that she had already succumbed to the Phyrexian control. She stabbed and infected him there and then.
  • Lukka
    • Affectionally dunked on by the MTG community, his headstrong nature lead him to ‘bonding’ with one of the creatures of Phyrexia. Terrible mistake and woefully predicted too. He eventually become one and now has a gross brain tube.
  • Nahiri
    • While she tried to fight it off, she eventually used her powers to crumble the overrun colosseum the team was in to sacrifice herself before turning.
  • Nissa
    • Done away from the audience’s eye, the queen of trees has been totally compleated and is now fighting for the enemy.
  • Tamiyo
    • Done during the aftermath of Neon Dynasty. Tamiyo’s rescue mission of The Wanderer and the Reality Chip might have partially succeeded, but she was kidnapped by Jin and compleated in the chaos.
  • Tibalt
    • No one is entirely sure why Tibalt was taken. His hair-brained schemes have never properly succeeded and now he’s fighting for Phyrexia.
  • Vraska
    • Landed on Phyrexia alone and was infected not long after. She stabbed Jace with her new scorpion tail and infected him too.

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