Russell T Davies teases Doctor Who Comic-Con appearance ahead of 60th anniversary

Tyler Constable
An image of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Russell T Davies has teased a potential appearance from Doctor Who at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con ahead of the show’s 60th-anniversary celebrations.

It’s an exciting time for Doctor Who as the iconic Sci-Fi series is gearing up for its 60th anniversary this November. The milestone will be celebrated with three special episodes which will see the reunion of David Tennant‘s Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate’s Donna Temple-Noble, alongside the return of showrunner Russell T Davies.

Fans were most recently treated to a surprise cryptic teaser that they swiftly decoded to reveal some details about the specials. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Davies briefly touched on the promotional process, stating “The plan is, to keep a constant bristle of information without giving the audience too much, but without them thinking we’ve vanished”

According to the showrunner, there’s more to come for fans in the lead-up to the anniversary, including a potential appearance at Comic-Con this summer.

Russell T Davies teases Doctor Who Comic-Con appearance ahead of 60th anniversary

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Davies mentioned how “These are the tricky days, right now. We’ve had the initial rush of excitement.” and then went on to tease a potential appearance at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, stating “Come the summer, with Comic-Con (maybe, perhaps, not a promise) and then the BBC’s autumn schedule, the heat will begin to intensify.”

While there’s nothing officially confirmed for Comic-Con just yet, that hasn’t stopped fans’ excitement at the thought of David Tennant and Fifteenth Doctor Ncuti Gatwa appearing together.

An image of David Tennant in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials.
Doctor Who could potentially appear at Comic-Con this summer.

In a Reddit thread for the latest teaser, Whovians discussed the possibility of a Comic-Con appearance with one fan stating “I’d imagine with it being the show’s 60th anniversary, Russell, David, Catherine being attached and the perfect opportunity to have David Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa doing a panel together the BBC will definitely be pushing for a panel.”

Another excitedly pondered the possibility of seeing a glimpse of Season 14 alongside more 60th content: “Obviously things like this have to be planned and scheduled. Though if both Ncuti and Tennant were to go I wonder if we would get to see a teaser for Season 14 alongside a new trailer for the 60th? That would be pretty cool!”

As soon as any official information regarding a Doctor Who Comic-Con appearance is revealed we’ll be sure to update you right here! In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who page for all the latest news.