All monsters we want to see return in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter monstersCapcom

Monster Hunter Rise’s new monolithic beasts certainly look menacing enough, but what creatures will likely be returning in the latest installment?

Part of what makes the Monster Hunter series such a delight to play is its addition of new creatures and mechanics. In fact, Capcom’s beast-slaying series wouldn’t be the same without its ever-growing roster of toothy terrors. From relentless raptors to ancient dragons capable of leveling whole kingdoms, the Monster Hunter franchise is home to some incredibly dangerous creatures. 

While every new entry has brought a host of new monsters to the hunting table, there are always a number of familiar faces that make an appearance. With Monster Hunter Rise’s Switch release right around the corner, we’ve taken a look at a few of the monsters we’d love to see make a return.

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Lagiacrus Monster Hunter 3UCapcom
Could Monster Hunter Rise see the return of Lagiacrus?

Monster Hunter Tri’s flagship monster, Lagiacrus was originally meant to return in World, but animation issues led it to being cut from the game’s final roster. A lot of players were obviously very disappointed by this omission, so it’s hoped that this toothy terror will make its triumphant comeback in Rise. 

While Lagiacrus predominantly excels at underwater combat, it can still deliver a shocking surprise on land. One of its most lethal attacks sees Lagiacrus coil up before unleashing a devastating burst of thunder energy. This move can instantly kill any hunter that happens to get caught in its way, while its tail and claw swipes can knock players off their feet. 

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Amatsu Portable 3rdCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Amatsu would blow fans away if it were to make an appearance.

Amatsu is a legendary Elder Dragon that is heralded as the “avatar of storms” and is known to bring horrific cyclones wherever it travels. According to residents from Yukumo Village, Amatsu’s power is said to be so fearsome that it “out scale’s that of natural disasters.” Given Monster Hunter Rise’s deep connection to Japanese folklore, it would be incredibly befitting if Amatsu were to make another appearance. 

After all, a lot of Rise’s new monsters have been inspired by Yokai – supernatural monsters and spirits that cause great misfortune. Not only does Amatsu perfectly fit into this classification, it also has a moveset that would synergize incredibly well with the Wire Bug mechanic. 

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Imagine narrowly dodging Amatsu’s tornado attacks by dashing through the air, then following this up with your own lethal counterattack. Combine this with the added verticality of each locale, and you have a recipe for a highly satisfying hunt. 


Kirin Monster Hunter WorldCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
There will be no horsing around when Kirin is about.

Just like Amatsu, this elder dragon also has roots in East Asian and Japanese mythology. In fact, we’d be incredibly surprised if Kirin doesn’t make an appearance in Rise given this connection. Kirin may look small when compared to the Monster Hunter’s other Elder Dragons, but this graceful beast is far from weak. 

This elegant unicorn can summon thunder from the heavens above, which it uses to smite those that dare to cross its path. Kirin is also incredibly agile and it will constantly charge down its foes in an attempt to skewer them with its horn.  Even if you do manage to get within striking distance, Kirin will unleash deadly AoE bursts of lightning that can paralyze hunters. 

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Due to the thick hardened nature of its hide, low sharpness weapon will simply bounce off,  dealing a fraction of its original damage. While Kirin present in Monster Hunter World, time will soon tell whether Rise will feature the eagerly anticipated subspecies – Oroshi Kirin.


Nargacuga Monster Hunter WorldCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Nargacuga’s speed can leave you in the dust.

With its glowing red eyes, jet black fur, razor-sharp claws, barbed tail, and jaguar-like appearance – Nargacuga has struck fear into many a hunter’s hearts. This lightning-fast monster uses its superior agility to overwhelm its prey, unleashing a near-constant flurry of attacks. If it’s claw swipes and lethal bites aren’t bad enough, it also uses its spiked tail to slam hunters into the ground. 

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Combine this with the Bleeding status effect (take damage when moving) and you have a monster that can make short work of even the hardiest hunters. Nargacuga would certainly help test players’ skills with Rise’s new Wire Bug mechanic, which could take this iconic fight to even further heights. 

While there has been no footage of Nargacuga, we have seen both Tigrex and Barioth make an appearance. Both these monsters share the same in-game skeleton, so it’s incredibly likely that this Freedom Unit favorite will return. 


Zinogre Monster Hunter WorldCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Zinogre’s bark is just as bad as its bite.

While Monster Hunter Rise’s new canine companions offer support in combat, there is one wolf-like monster that is not willing to be man’s best friend. Unlike Monster Hunter Rise’s loyal Palumutes, Zinogre is both bigger in stature and more ferocious in nature. Its appearance in Monster Hunter World proved that Capcom could teach an old dog new tricks. In fact, the latest iteration of Zinogre was arguably the most ferocious. 

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Zinogre uses Thunderbugs to charge itself up, entering a charged state that sees its white fur glisten with electrical energy. During this enhanced form, Zinogre becomes more aggressive. Not only do its claw and tail slams become much quicker, but they also deal a lot more damage. 

Watching Zinogre duke out against Rise’s flagship, Maganamalo would certainly make for a terrific turf war. Fortunately, the likelihood of Zinogre making another appearance is pretty high, especially given that one of Rise’s characters, Master Utsushi can be seen wearing pieces of its iconic armor


Gammoth Monster Hunter GenerationsCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Gammoth has been hibernating for far too long…

This monolithic mammoth first stomped its way onto our screens back in Monster Hunter Generations. Gammoth resembles that of a Woolly mammoth, sharing both its hairy hide and gigantic tusks with its real-world counterpart. These cold-loving monsters live in arctic regions and have an affinity for the ice element. 

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The hulking giant is currently the largest Fanged Beast in the series and while it may look slow, it does have a few tricks up its trunk. In fact, Gammoth can use its trunk to unleash a chilling blizzard, which serves to encase its prey. Once its victim has been immobilized, it will try to crush them into the ground with its enormous legs. 

While Gammoth has yet to be confirmed, there does appear to be plenty of open spaces that would certainly be big enough for the mighty mammoth herself. With the return of Mizutsune, there certainly is a decent chance that the remaining Fated Four will also return. After all, we’d love to a turf war between the game’s latest Fanged Beast, Goss Harag, and Generation’s Gammoth.

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Qurupeco Monster Hunter TriCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Qurupeco would make Wyvern Riding even better.

The beloved disco chicken may not be at the very top of our Monster Hunter Rise wishlist, but that doesn’t make it any less important. We were admittedly a little disappointed when Qurupeco didn’t return in World, especially given that its mimicry ability brings monsters together. 

Watching Peco call for help from numerous monsters and seeing them duke it out in the game’s turf wars would make for a great spectacle. It would also give hunters more opportunities to utilize Rise’s new Wyvern Riding mechanic, which would help counteract Peco’s masterful mimics. 


Rajang Monster Hunter World IceborneCapcom / Monster Hunter Wiki
Rajang continues to haunt many a hunter’s dreams.

Nothing gets our heart pumping quite like a Rajang quest. Well, maybe a double Rajang quest. This angry ape has been pulverizing players since it punched its way onto Freedom Unite back in 2008. While the claw grip days of the PSP are well behind us, Rajang still refuses to let go of its title as one of the series’ most dangerous monsters. 

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Capcom even gave this ferocious beast new moves when it made its way over to Iceborne. Because of this recent update, it’s very plausible that Rajang will make its way over to Rise. Rajang’s would also make perfect use of the game’s terrain, given that it can easily scramble up the game’s mountainous terrain. The added verticality and mobility could even spawn the most aggressive version of Rajang we’ve ever seen.