Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo: Release date, Monsters & everything we know

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Is there going to be a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo? Find out the answer to that question in our handy hub below. 

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbkreak release date is just around the corner, which means Hunters will soon be able to embark upon another colossal adventure. While the game’s recent preview event gave us an early glimpse of Sunbreak’s toothy terrors, many Hunters will be wondering when the demo will go live. 

After all, past titles have given players the chance to delve into new content before release. With the launch of Sunbreak just weeks away, many Hunters will be wanting to get to grips with the new Switch Skill Swap mechanic and take on the new monster roster

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So, here’s everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo and whether Capcom will release one. 

Is there a Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak demo?

Monster Hunter Sunbreak HuntersCapcom
A Sunbreak demo will enable Hunters to get accustomed to the new mechanics.

At Capcom’s Summer Game Fest showcase, the publisher revealed a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo is arriving June 14 on both Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop.

While some of the demo’s contents, including Great Izuchi, will be familiar to Monster Hunter: Rise fans, the addition of the Malzeno is sure to make things much more difficult, even for veterans.

What monsters will be included in the Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak demo?

You can check out the presentation, including the demo announcement, below:

The demo will feature the returning Jungle locale, as well as the following monsters:

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  • Malzeno (Advanced difficulty)
  • Astalos (Expert difficulty)
  • Tetranadon (Intermediate difficulty)
  • Great Izuchi (Beginner difficulty)

Players can also expect training quests to get to grips with mechanics like the new Switch Skill Swap, and play both solo and in multiplayer.

Of course, that’s only a small slice of the confirmed Sunbreak roster

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and guides.

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