Mindblowing Zelda trailer brings Breath of the Wild sequel to the N64

Brent Koepp
Nintendo / Unsplash

An incredibly talented YouTuber re-created the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer that was shown off at E3 2019, and it re-imagines the highly anticipated Zelda game with a retro twist.

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Nintendo shocked everyone with its E3 2019 Direct, when it ended with a major surprise announcement that the highly acclaimed Zelda game Breath of the Wild would be getting a sequel for the Switch.

One incredibly talented YouTuber took the haunting trailer that was shown off at the annual gaming expo, and re-imagined it as if the game was coming to the retro console the Nintendo 64, which originally came out in 1996.

The 2017 open world RPG was a smash hit on the Nintendo Switch.
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Breath of the Wild 64

YouTube channel ‘The Regressor’ uploaded the retro-inspired concept on October 4, and it takes the 2019 trailer and visualizes it as if the Breath of the Wild sequel debuted at E3 1999.

The artist painstakingly recreated every scene in the low-poly art style, which will make many Zelda fans nostalgic as it looks like one of the most popular games in the series – the iconic classic ‘Ocarina of Time’.

Not only does the YouTuber nail the late 90s to early 00s art style perfectly, they also made the music and sound effects sound exactly the same as the retro console did over twenty years ago.

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The retro video was popular among fans, as many pointed out how faithful it was to the actual trailer which came out earlier in 2019. Putting the two trailers side by side, it’s mindblowing how much detail was captured.

Although, the creator posted in the comments that they had to add four seconds of footage that was not in the original due to having to “fill time with the lingering sfx.”

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The artist actually has an Instagram and website, where they list that they’re a “3D modeler, animator, and cosplayer”, and host their dedicated craft to re-creating low-poly characters.

The sites have an insane amount of classic games and characters worth checking out, and the creator also shows the amount of work that went into designing this trailer.

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As of the time of this article, the trailer sports over 500,000 views, and has an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Zelda community, as many old school players wish it was a real thing.