Sources claim Rockstar have scrapped Bully 2 development

bully 2 artRockstar Games

According to a new leak, Rockstar spent more than a year working on a sequel to the original Bully in the early 2010s, but the project failed to get off the ground.

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The original Bully game came out in 2006 and was a hit with Rockstar fans, but since then, any news or updates for a potential sequel are few and far between.

There have been a few apparent Bully Easter Eggs found in other Rockstar games, like Red Dead Redemption 2, and supposed leaks about a Bully sequel, but so far, there’s nothing concrete from Rockstar themselves.

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Rockstar GamesPlayers are itching to roam the halls of Bullworth academy once again.
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Rockstar has taken a shot at Bully 2 already

VideoGamesChronicle has apparently heard from a source inside Rockstar that claims the so-called Bully 2 sequel was in development in the early 2010s, but was scrapped shortly after it began.

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser and a group of developers apparently wrote a script for Bully as early as 2008, which contained the first few scenes and an outline of the rest of the story, according to VGC’s sources.

Bully 2 was apparently in development shortly after the original game came out.
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The story would have starred Jimmy, who was the protagonist of the first game, and many returning characters. It began at Jimmy’s step-dad’s house in the summer at the end of a school year, VGC’s source said, which are similar to claims reported by Bully YouTuber SWEGTA.

A team at Rockstar New England spent time fleshing out the game and it’s story around the same time in 2010 and 2013, the source claimed, and spent between a year and 18 months on the sequel.

So, why don’t we have a Bully sequel already? According to VGC’s sources, Bully 2 “fizzled out,” and the team behind development eventually moved on to other projects.

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“It existed, it was playable, it was just a shame it never got off the ground,” the source told VGC, who also pointed out that a lot of developers who worked at Rockstar New England during that time period list an “unannounced game” on their resumes.

Bully 2 was apparently in later stages of development, before the team moved on to something else.
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Will we ever get a Bully 2?

Speculation about Bully 2 has been running wild recently, with fans apparently finding clues all over the place – even in a recent GTA Online Casino update.

There was even talk floating around that Rockstar could reveal Bully 2 at E3 2019, but that turned out to be just a rumor, as E3 came and went.

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Red Dead Redemption fans had to wait almost a decade between the first game and RDR2, so if a Bully sequel ever does come out it, would be more than a decade between games – and hopefully well worth the wait.