Marvel’s Midnight Suns coming to Steam Deck after launch, dev confirms

Marvel's Midnight Suns screenshot overlayed on a Steam Deck consoleMarvel/2K/Valve/Dexerto

You could soon be able to play Marvel’s Midnight Suns on your Steam Deck, with the developers confirming that optimization is coming post-launch.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a new turn-based tactics game full of superheroes from Firaxis, and while it’s already available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC, many have wondered if it’ll eventually come to Valve’s Steam Deck.

PS4, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch versions are launching at a later date, but Dexerto had the chance to speak to Garth DeAngelis, Senior Producer on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, about whether the game will support Steam Deck at launch.

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Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns Steam Deck verified?

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man, hunter and Nico characters2K
It may not be long until you can take your superhero squad on the go.

Speaking to Dexerto, DeAngelis explained:

“Yes, there are [plans for Steam Deck]. However, we don’t have Steam Deck fully supported at launch. There’s some optimization and some other technical work, some UI work that we want to get done to make sure it is the best experience for players and it’s gonna be coming post-launch.

“It’s an amazing system, and it does work for a lot of games, but there’s some optimization that we still need to need to do, and we’ll be announcing more when we know what that specific date is going to be.”

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Given Marvel’s Midnight Suns is pretty text and interface-heavy, it sounds like the team at Firaxis is targeting at least Valve’s “Playable” designation, if not the “Verified” one.

As for 2K, they gave this official statement:

“Marvel’s Midnight Suns does not feature optimizations for Steam Deck and will not be verified for the platform at launch. It is something we are investigating and will share further news once available.”

For more on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, be sure to check out our explainer of both antagonist Lilith and protagonist The Hunter, as well as our full review. Looking for games you can play on your Steam Deck right now? We’ve got you covered with a full list of the finest games to play on Valve’s handheld.

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