Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Who is The Hunter? Powers explained

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The Hunter is a new character fighting alongside the Avengers and their allies in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Here’s everything there is to know about the new superhero.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the Hunter is the closest thing the player gets to their own avatar, as in many ways, the character represents the player. However, the Hunter is a fully-fledged superhero in their own right with a backstory already established. The hero will fit in well alongside the game’s other Midnight Suns and has their own reasons for wanting to defeat Lilith, the game’s villain.

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The Hunter was born several centuries ago, a half-human, half-immortal hybrid. Once her human father died of the plague, her immortal mother Lilith, became consumed by grief. This led Lilith down a path of darkness and eventually led to her turning into a demonic goddess and plunging the Earth into war with her minions.

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The Hunter leads a squad of Avengers and X-Men.

An eternal battle

The Hunter was abandoned by Lilith and raised by her sister known only as the Caretaker. Knowing that the Hunter possessed similar powers to Lilith, the Caretake trained them to one day take her mother down and save the planet. In their first battle, the Hunter was able to defeat Lilith, but at the cost of their own life. Both would be buried and their story lost to time.

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Centuries later, Hydra, the enemy of the Avengers, would learn about Lilith and would attempt to resurrect her as a weapon to use against Earth’s mightiest heroes. The organization would also upgrade Lilith using their own technology and powers, making her more deadly than ever.

However, in resurrecting Lilith, Hydra has also awakened the Hunter, who teams up with the Midnight Suns to put an end to their mother and Hydra once and for all. This explains why Lilith is working with Hydra and the Hunter joins the ranks of the Avengers/Midnight Suns once the game begins.

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So there you have it, now you know everything you need to know about the Hunter’s backstory. Be sure to check out our other Midnight Suns guides:

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