Marvel Rivals players demand role queue to fix “stupid” team compositions

Shane Black
Marvel Rivals heroes fighting

Marvel Rivals is hitting a lot of right notes with its fans, but the lack of a role queue is raising players’ eyebrows.

Despite clear inspiration from games like Overwatch, the upcoming hero-based shooter doesn’t allow players to choose their roles going into a match like in Blizzard’s massive hit.

Role queue is designed to allow people to choose their role, tank, support, or attacker, in a match before they load into a lobby. This increases teamwork and coordination by creating clear expectations for players from the start of the match and lessens confusion when picking heroes.

While Marvel Rivals is gaining momentum thanks to its current Alpha Test, the absence of a role queue mechanic is causing some frustration among its players.

Marvel Rivals splash art

This concern is seen on the game’s subreddit, where players claim that the game needs to implement a system like what Overwatch has.

“Losing multiple games in a row because people REFUSE to play tanks or healers is beyond stupid,” one player said.

Marvel Rivals players also feel that the lack of a role queue is causing problems in their games, and the worst part is that it’s pushing some players away.

“Without role queue, I definitely won’t have any interest,” one user said in the Reddit post.

Now, one user does point out that this is just an alpha for the game and a role queue could very likely come in the future.

Fortunately, the test alpha is the perfect time for fans to suggest changes just like this. There is still a lot of time before Marvel Rivals gets its full release, so the devs should be able to implement a role queue system before then.