Lirik rages at Nintendo Switch Online service: ‘It’s 2021 and you still suck’

lirikTwitch: Lirik / Nintendo

Popular Twitch streamer Lirik shared his dissatisfaction with Nintendo Switch Online after having issues while playing Mario Party Superstars.

The latest release of Nintendo’s popular Mario Party series came out on October 29, and streamers all over Twitch gathered up their friends to enjoy the game live on stream. However, for some, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack was announced in the middle of October, social media’s been ablaze with fans complaining about the quality of the platform’s online service.

During his October 29 Twitch stream, Lirik decided to show off his Mario Party skills but instead wound up raging at the quality of the online service.

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Lirik rages at Nintendo Switch Online

mario party superstarsNintendo
Mario Party Superstars released October 29 for the Nintendo Switch.

Lirik experienced quite a bit of lag while starting a Mario Party mini-game, exclaiming: “Bro, nice f**king jitters Nintendo, honestly. Like, It’s 2021 and you f**kers still suck at online.”

The creator went on to play the game while yelling at the screen as the poor connection continued. After the issues caused him to lose the event, he replied to a viewer who asked about his connection quality: “Bro, I have an ethernet adapter. It’s not me you f**king idiot. I stream, obviously it’s not my connection.”

Lirik went on to play a few more hours of Mario Party, experiencing more issues with the online connection before it finally smoothed out and allowed him to win a few games.

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Since the release of the more expensive Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, fans are hoping that the company puts more effort into improving their online service as players are also reporting connection issues when playing Nintendo 64 games with friends.