Nintendo Switch Online price finally revealed and fans are furious

angry woman with nintendo 64 controllerPexels: @olly / Nintendo

Fans all over the world are furious after Nintendo confirmed the official pricing for the Nintendo Switch Online game expansion. 

During their Animal Crossing Direct presentation, Nintendo slipped in a bit of news about the recently announced expansion to their Switch Online service. The existing service is $19.99 yearly, with access to online gameplay, games like Pac-Man 99, as well as part of their NES and SNES game library.

Back in September, they announced the existence of an expansion pack for the online service.

The pack will allow fans to access N64 and Sega Genesis games on the handheld console — but not without an extra price — as the expansion was announced to cost $50 on top of the existing subscription price.

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nintendo switch online expansion packNintendo
If you want access to N64 and Sega Games among other things, You’ll pony up an extra $50.

Fans are furious about the price hike

Despite offering extra features like Animal Crossing’s new paid DLC, fans have taken to social media furious about the added cost for features that they believe should be included in the base subscription.

One fan believes we should “bully” the company into lowering the price: “Remember those times gaming Twitter came together and collectively bullied Xbox into not canceling Xbox live gold, and PlayStation not Shutting down the ps3, ps vita stores, we should do that to Nintendo and these new Nintendo switch online prices!”

While others, like Twitter user ‘Til Plays,’ believe Nintendo is not offering as many features as their competitors: “When for around the same price your competitors are offering so much more value? This is a huge L for Nintendo!”

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Another fan believes that since the price is similar to Xbox Game Pass, it can be compared to it: “Xbox Game Pass offers far more value than NSO does and even if you don’t want to play those games via subscription, you still have the option to buy them separately.”

The Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack releases on October 25, 2021, and you will be able to adjust your existing plan on the website or directly on your console.