Lethal Company Version 45 patch notes: New Monsters, Items & more

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lethal company version 45 patch notesLethal Company

Following Lethal Company’s breakout success, developer Zeekerss has been hard at work on the first content update. Now, they’ve revealed what the first big update will have in store and has immediately released it. Here are the full Lethal Company Version 45 patch notes.

Lethal Company took over the Steam charts following its viral success as players and content creators alike flocked to the game. However, to hold on to that playerbase, they’ll need to release some regular content updates.

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Enter Version 45, the newest update for Lethal Company and its first major content drop. Though the patch notes and trailer are a bit vague, there’s a lot to wean from what Zeekerss has told us.

Here are the full patch notes and trailer for Lethal Company Version 45.

Lethal Company Version 45 release date

Lethal Company’s Version 45 update is out now! The developer released the trailer at the same time that they dropped the update, so you’ll be able to play the new content as soon as you update the game.

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That said, it’s as of yet unclear when we’ll be getting new content for the game after this. It remains to be seen if the developer teases future content and plans to get into a regular cadence of content updates.

Version 45 full patch notes

The patch notes are a bit more vague than is standard for most multiplayer games, leaving some mystery to as to how these changes may affect the overall gameplay experience. The full patch notes are as follows:

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  • Added chemistry flasks and dramatic Masks, Nutcrackers with guns and spray paint cans for funs.
  • Rail cheese has been nearly destroyed, but the forest giant is easier to avoid.
  • Added to radar boosters the “flash” command, and the ship’s new “signal translator” will be in great demand.
  • Keybind settings are in, and I gave the item delivery ship a jolly spin.
  • Gravity is more dangerous, but improved Mansion map generations will be good for us.
  • Arachnophobia mode will ease your fear, and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Here’s an abridged version of these notes with some additional things players have discovered:

  • Chemistry Flasks, Masks, Spray Paint, a functional Woopie Cushion (nice), and wrapped gifts added, assumedly as collectable scrap
  • New ship decor added
  • Signal translator added to the store. It allows players to transmit a text message to every player in the lobby, though it’s limited to 9 characters
  • Rails have been nerfed as a way to avoid monsters
  • Forest Giant nerfed
  • Fall damage increased
  • Improved Mansion map generation, though it’s not clear what “improved” means
  • Radar boosters given the “flash” command on the ship terminal, giving them the ability to flash enemies and teammates.
  • Keybind settings added
  • Arachnophobia mode added, though it literally just turns spiders into floating text that reads, “Spider”.
  • Shotguns have been added and can be attained by killing the Nutcracker
  • Masks can possess players and turn them into a zombie-like monster, meaning two monsters were technically added in this update.

Additionally, there’s an option to play the game’s previous version for those who want their mods to work without having to update them.

Lethal Company Version 45 trailer

If you’d like to see the new content in action, here’s the full trailer for Version 45:

More is still being discovered about this update as players get their hands on it and discover the details developer Zeekerss purposely hid for players to find. Stick with Dexerto for more Lethal Company coverage.

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