GTA 6 and Bully 2 leak claims Rockstar source has revealed new details

Joe Craven

A Reddit user claiming to have inside information from a Rockstar India employee has posted numerous details about both Grande Theft Auto VI and Bully 2 – two games that Rockstar have been rumored to be working on for some time. 

It has been over six years since GTA V released to critical acclaim, and there has been no break in the fans’ excitement for a possible sequel. As is expected with a series as massive as GTA, there have been plenty leaks over the past couple of years, with no clear indication which are legitimate and which aren’t.

It is even longer since the first Bully game released, all the way back in 2006, and many fans have been expecting an announcement soon, following months of rumors and easter eggs about a Bully sequel. Now, one Reddit user has claimed to have some inside information. 

Rockstar GamesGTA V took place in Los Santos, and is widely considered to be one of the best video games ever made.

It should go without saying that these details are not confirmed in any way, and will not be until Rockstar themselves release information. 

The Reddit user claims to have a source inside Rockstar India, part of the overall Rockstar development team. They claim that full GTA VI development started in Summer 2018, but “conceptual development” has been going for six years, since just after GTA V’s release. 

However, Rockstar India are apparently more focused on Bully 2, a game that is being developed for Xbox One and PS4 right now, but with a view to future consoles as well. 

A return to Vice City?

One of the bigger claims they make is that GTA VI will take place in Vice City, which will be a well-known location to many long-time GTA fans. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released on PS2 in 2002 and gave players the opportunity to roam Vice City, an expansive world consisting of two islands. 

Rockstar GamesGTA: Vice City was released in 2002.

Finally, they claim that the GTA VI story will be decided by the player’s decisions. This would not be particularly new for Rockstar, given the fact that their story modes are known for the incredible freedom they provide players. 

For example, at the end of GTA V, players were faced with the choice of which character, if any, they would like to kill. This decision then determined the final segment of the player’s story. 

While impossible to legitimize, the user’s claims fit with a lot of what is expected of GTA VI. 

You can read the leaker’s claims in full here:

  • GTA VI full capacity development started in summer 2018 when certain assignments were given to Rockstar India.
  • Conceptual development started way back in late 2013 and initial development after the release of GTA V on PC, somewhere in June of 2015.
  • GTA VI codename is indeed Project Americas.
  • Rockstar India does not have a huge role in development, Rockstar North is the main player here.
  • Bully 2 is more dependant on Rockstar India.
  • There are two bully 2 versions currently in development, one for ps4 and xbox one, second for next gen and PC.
  • Bully 2 on next gen and PC will have raytracing option (kinda test for GTA VI).
  • GTA VI will take place in Vice City, nearby swamps and cities, small islands and bigger island that is far away from main island.
  • As my source said, he saw the map concept. Swamps are somewhere on the left middle side, the city is in center and the big island is down on the map, far right on the map.
  • mechanic is pretty similar to gta V, but with extremely noticeable changes.
  • set in different eras and will feature dynamic building change over time. Also peds and everything else will change over time.
  • The map is bigger than gta 5 map.
  • Some missions will be in liberty city, actually in Middle park only, it will be linear, restricted, like North Yankton and Guarma in RDR 2.
  • weather system is main focus in GTA VI. You could get hit by lightning, floods could occur, hurricanes will occur as part of the story.
  • Story ending will be dependant on your decisions.
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