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Leak suggests Left 4 Dead series will be making a surprise comeback soon

Published: 10/Dec/2019 0:22 Updated: 10/Dec/2019 0:23

by Brad Norton


It has been over a decade since fans were last treated to a new release in Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. According to recent leaks however, the lengthy gap could finally be coming to an end in a surprising way.

A number of Valve Corporation titles have become iconic over the years despite complete and utter silence from the prestigious developers. Take the Half-Life franchise for instance, which had also been dormant for more than a decade until a surprise announcement on November 19.

Half-Life is finally returning to the forefront of the gaming industry but perhaps not in the way that the majority of fans expected. Rather than providing a predictable sequel, Valve unveiled Half-Life: Alyx, a brand-new Virtual Reality title. Following suit with this recent surprise, it seems as though Valve’s remarkably popular zombie series could be getting a similar update.

Valve Corporation - Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2 received its final set of official downloadable content in 2010.

Left 4 Dead burst onto the scene in 2008 as one of the first multiplayer survival horror titles. Boasting numerous cooperative campaigns and an enthralling ‘Versus’ mode that allowed players to assume control of powerful infected, the series has remained a staple online title for many years due to its astounding replayability.

Despite receiving a number of additional campaigns and even crossing characters over between the first game and its sequel, the popular franchise has yet to receive a fully-fledged third entry. Recent insight from a prominent Valve reporter however, has indicated the course of the series could be set to change in the near future.

Tyler McVicker is the creator of the Valve News Network YouTube channel and has been actively following the gaming juggernauts for close to a decade. According to his sources, Left 4 Dead is very much alive and well. Set to make a return in a similarly shocking way to the recent Half-Life: Alyx announcement, supposedly “Left 4 Dead VR is real” and will be unveiled soon.

Surprisingly moving away from the traditional first-person format, it appears as though Left 4 Dead will follow close behind Half-Life and further push Valve’s involvement in the realm of Virtual Reality. 

Following the groundbreaking Half-Life: Alyx announcement, there’s no denying Valve has seen a massive uptick in hardware sales, with the Valve Index headset has sold out in a number of regions due to the recent overwhelming demand. 

While there’s no indication as to when Left 4 Dead information will be uncovered, McVicker asserted that Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards will showcase “new Half-Life: Alyx news.” 

Perhaps the annual gaming spectacle could also be the host of a brand-new Left 4 Dead unveiling, as Keighley recently went on record and outlined that “more than 10 new games” will be on display. 

There’s no telling when we might be set to receive a confirmation on the existence of a Left 4 Dead VR title. Valve has grown notorious over the years for being an exceptionally tight-lipped company.

Therefore, take these newfound leaks with a grain of salt for the time being. All signs point towards a major presence for the developers at The Game Awards however, so new information might be right around the corner.

The Game Awards is an annual celebration of the industry and also serves as a glimpse into the future with a number of exciting video game announcements. You can tune into the show across all streaming platforms on December 12.


Dafran stunned after winning scrap lottery on OfflineTV’s Rust server

Published: 18/Jan/2021 13:27

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca may have some of the best luck on OfflineTV’s Rust server. Managing to call and win a 20,000 scrap spin at the Bandit Camp wheel, it’s fair to say he left with plenty of profit.

Collecting scrap in Rust can be a tedious and time-consuming process. So, it’s easy to see why so many players opt to gamble their scrap on the Bandit Camp wheel in an attempt to make a profit.

Oftentimes, this simply results in players losing all of their scrap and leaving empty-handed. However, if luck is on your side, you may just hit the jackpot and leave with a huge profit.

That’s exactly what happened to dafran when he decided to visit the wheel on OfflineTV’s Rust server.

Rust Bandit Camp Wheel
Facepunch Studios
Rust has become one of the most-watched games on Twitch since OfflineTV’s server launched.

Dafran hits the jackpot on Rust gambling wheel

During his January 17 stream, dafran realized that he was low on scrap, and decided to head to the Bandit Camp gambling wheel. Although a risky decision, he was convinced that he’d win big and leave with a lot of profit.

After 40 minutes of spinning, dafran’s luck finally paid off with the wheel landing on 10, giving him a profit of 10,000 scrap. It’s fair to say he was pretty happy with the win, but his incredible luck wasn’t about to end there.

Despite just getting the win, dafran wasn’t satisfied with the profit and opted to continue gambling. Just two bets after his big win, he predicted that the next spin would land on the 20: “we’re going to win trust me, trust me, trust me, we’re going to walk away with 20,000.”

To everyone’s surprise, including himself, the wheel actually landed on 20. The whole Twitch chat erupted in messages and dafran gave his stream an incredible reaction to the win.
There’s no doubt dafran has taken the crown from Itztimmy as the luckiest player on the OfflineTV Rust servers. It’s incredible that he managed to pull off both big wins so close to each other.
Leaving the Bandit Camp with nearly 31,000 scrap profit wasn’t a bad day’s work from dafran. We’ll have to keep an eye on his streams to see if his luck holds up the next time he visits the wheel.