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What EA games can you get on Steam?

Published: 29/Oct/2019 15:52 Updated: 29/Oct/2019 16:44

by Andy Williams


On October 29, Valve announced their partnership with Electronic Arts that will once again see the EA games accessible through Steam, but what exactly will be offered on video game service?

Steam currently offers a variety of titles from numerous publishers on its platform. Big hitters, such as Rockstar Games, Capcom and CD Projekt Red are providing access to their blockbuster games through Valve’s ever-expanding video games service. 

However, EA have, until now, used their own ‘Origin’ launcher for their releases on PC, despite Steam being the most widely used.

EAEA Access offers exclusive benefits for a monthly subscription.

Initially teased in tweet on October 25, a press statement was released on October 29 confirming that both Valve and EA will work together to bring EA games and EA Access to Steam.

The partnership will see EA published games become available on Steam as well still remaining available on Origin.

EA Access will also be shunted across to Steam, meaning that players with an EA Access subscription will receive the same benefits (including the portfolio of EA games) through Steam, as of Spring 2020. 

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, chimed in on the benefits this will bring to gamers worldwide: “Through our subscription, great games and more, we’re excited to bring players in the Steam and Origin communities together with access to the best games, whenever and wherever they want to play.”

In terms of the titles that will be available, the first game to be pushed live is the highly anticipated, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is set to launch on November 15 and can now be pre-ordered through Steam.

Alongside Fallen Order, both The Sims 4 and Unravel Two will become available alongside multiplayer titles such as FIFA 20, Battlefield V and Apex Legends — set to make their way onto Valve’s platform in the coming months.

EARespawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale will be making its way to Steam.

EA Games coming to Steam

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Sims 4
  • Unravel Two
  • FIFA 20
  • Battlefield V
  • Apex Legends

While utilizing Steam will expand EA’s reach in the gaming community, Origin will remain EA’s exclusive platform, but the introduction of crossplay will bring seamless integration between both PC video games services, to ensure friends from either platform can play together. 

It appears that EA are imploring a lot of effort into reaching as many gamers as possible with their existing and future titles, following their recent merging of EA Access onto PS4 as well as their Valve partnership.

Apex Legends

Respawn hope to bring Wraith “under control” in Apex Legends Season 8

Published: 27/Nov/2020 2:41

by Andrew Amos


The debate around Wraith is still raging on in Apex Legends. Despite change after change, she’s still a power pick in a lot of situations. However, in Season 8, Respawn are pulling out the final straw to try and bring Wraith “under control” once and for all.

Wraith has been slowly tuned down over the 20-month history of Apex Legends from outrageously broken, to somewhat manageable. Despite being hit with a big set of nerfs in June’s Lost Treasures update though, she still reigns supreme in the Outlands.

However, Respawn aren’t giving up hope on finally bringing the voidwalker “under control.” In an interview on the Third Party podcast, developer Daniel Klein said that more changes are on the way in Season 8.

wraith apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith could be getting a bit bigger if Respawn end up shipping their intended changes for Apex Legends Season 8.

While he joked about just straight up removing Wraith from the game, Respawn actually have a direction they want to take. They don’t want to hit Wraith’s kit any harder. They want to see if they can “fix” her hitboxes.

“I don’t want to hit her kit any more. We’ve pushed that to the breaking point where it’s barely still fun, but the extremely wind-up on her tactical ⁠— as much as it was necessary ⁠— it puts the ability more into the camp of cerebral power rather than satisfying in the moment power,” he said.

“With Wraith, our approach is going to be very similar to Pathfinder. We’re going to take a look at her hitboxes and see how much wiggle room we have there. With Pathfinder, it turned out that we had so much… that was a 20% increase in hitbox size.”

The Pathfinder changes were shipped in the Season 7 update earlier in November, and have made the grappling robot a bit easier to hit while dashing across Olympus and the other maps.

Despite Respawn’s hopes though, nothing is locked in. They’ve only just started scouting out the work to change Wraith’s hitboxes. Klein stated he hopes the changes will be enough that Respawn could even look at buffing Wraith down the line, but the solution could be a dead end.

Pathfinder flying across screen with grapple hook.
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder was hit with a similar hitbox nerf in Season 7.

“Nothing is guaranteed yet, we haven’t started work yet. I’ve asked one of our technical artists to take a look at it. Whenever he gets around to it, we will know more.

“My earnest hope is that we can bring her under control with just hitbox changes, and then maybe even look at ways at making her more in-the-moment fun again, and find a balance point between her tactical now and what it used to be.”

They’re not willing to risk “giving Wraith more power” by shipping some changes early before they tackle her hitboxes, so don’t expect ability buffs soon. However, in Apex Legends Season 8, expect Wraith to feel a little bit different.