Insane Elden Ring boss beaten by a goldfish named Tortellini

Cassidy Stephenson
Goldfish beats Elden Ring boss

A goldfish named Tortellini has defeated arguably one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring.

Several enemies in Elden Ring can require players to pay close attention and have speedy reactions. While the role-playing game can provide users with endless hours of content, some people can quickly rage quit – except this goldfish.

In the past, pet fish have actually excelled at video games – with some even using motion tracking to complete Pokemon Sapphire. In 2020, a team of four fish spent 3195 hours swimming around a tank to beat the Generation 3 title.

Additionally, a beta fish accidentally revealed his owner’s credit card info on stream while playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Now, a goldfish has expanded its video game knowledge by playing Elden Ring.

Goldfish manages to defeat first phase of Elden Ring boss

Elden Ring adaption body

Twitch streamer PointCrow caught the moment his goldfish beat the first phase of Malenia, Blade of Miquella. The content creator implemented a grid system in Tortellini’s tank to correspond with different in-game actions.

In response, some couldn’t believe the fish’s Elden Ring skill was better than their own. “Bro I got outplayed by a fish. I need to put the controller down now,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person jokingly suggested that Tortellini should immediately sign a “7 figure esports contract.”

The goldfish also earned a nickname: “Tortellini, The Golden Fish, slayer of Malenia.”

Besides goldfish, other methods used to beat Elden Ring include one speedrunner beating the game blindfolded in just two hours. Additionally, one streamer completed the entire game without touching the controller.

Like Tortellini, a Twitch streamer beat Malenia on PC & PS5 at the same time using a Dance Dance Revolution pad.

To learn more information about Elden Ring’s DLC, check out our article to stay updated.

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