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Pokemon fans pet fish unbelievably manages to beat game all by itself

Published: 7/Nov/2020 1:08

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player’s pet fish went viral after incredibly managing to beat Gen III’s Ruby & Sapphire during a livestream – yes, you read that right.

The lovable Siamese fighting fish went viral in June after its fish tank was mapped to be able to control Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. Viewers tuned in live to watch the aquatic animal defeat two Gym Leaders.

Over four months later, the Japanese fan’s pet had one final showdown with Hoenn Champion Steven Stone. After an epic battle, the adorable creature has emerged victorious.

fish plays pokemon
Twitter: @Mutekimaru_ch
The Pokemon fan created a way for their fish to play the RPGs.

Pet fish manages to beat Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

Pokemon YouTuber Mutekimaru Channel creatively rigged up the fish tank so that when one of its bettas swam into one of the quadrants, it would move the character in-game and select an action.


On November 6, the dedicated fan’s experiment came to a triumphant end when their pet fish was able to secure the victory against the Gen III’s final Trainer battle.

Twitter user Skeletondoggy tweeted about the livestream as it was happening. “THE FISH PLAYING THROUGH RUBY JUST GOT TO STEVEN AND IS BEATING THE SH*T OUT OF HIM,” he exclaimed. According to the viewer, the pet fish used Water-type ‘mon Walrein’s Iceball move to win.

Pokemon fans were floored by the pet’s ability to beat the third-generation RPG. Skeleton tweeted again about the stream in shock, and exclaimed, “I GENUINELY CANNOT F**KING BELIEVE THIS.”


fish beating pokemon
The fish managed to beat the game after over 3,000 hours.

Mutekimaru used multiple pet fishes to beat the game, and would swap out animals to give them rest. It took the bettas multiple attempts to bring down the champion, before eventually emerging victorious. In a November 6 tweet, the Japanese player revealed it took over 3,185 hours for the aquatic animals to reach the final battle.

Incredibly, the pet fish have also broken other records involving Ruby & Sapphire, such as being the first to discover a new glitch in Gen III RPG in over 18 years.

While the story certainly seems ridiculous, it really just goes to show how deep players’ love goes for the popular Game Freak franchise.