Team Tank wins Twitch Rivals Super Team Showdown: results, more

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The Twitch Rivals Super Team tournament is done and dusted, and after teams of 16 streamers battled it out in Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, and Fall Guys, only one of them reigned supreme.

The streaming site took their annual convention entirely online this year, and fans weren’t able to meet their favorite streamers. However, they were able to watch an all-new Rivals tournament among other things.

The Twitch Rivals Super Team tournament took place along with the rest of Glitchcon on Saturday, November 14. Unlike what we saw in the past from Rivals, teams competed in four separate games: Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, and Fall Guys. But in the end, only one of them came out on top.

Valorant Agent bans
Valorant has proven to be one of the biggest hits of 2020, especially on Twitch.


Fortnite was the first game on the menu. It was a cracking start to the tournament and showcased some incredibly high-skill gameplay. However, all eyes were on Ninja, who made yet another much-anticipated return to the game.

It was a close battle. But in the end, Avery, Bugha, and Jamper crushed their way to victory after some intense skirmishes and sealed the deal for Aces. It was an impressive performance across the board.

Tanks snagged second-place, with BonsaiBrozBTW, coL Punisher, and NickEh30 all performing well. Ninja, Morgausse, and Reverse2k. Unfortunately, they ended up third, only beating GOATS.

Placement Team Points
1 Aces 4
2 Tanks 3
3 Metas 2
4 GOATs 1

League of Legends

League of Legends was the second game in the Twitch Rivals Super Team tournament. Aces, which consisted of Tyler1, GeneralSniperr, PantsAreDragon, TSMSword, and duoking1, decimated their way to victory.

They won in straight sets, beating GOATs in the semi-final and Metas in the final, and earning themselves four points in the process. Meanwhile, Tanks and GOATs duked it out in a third-place playoff, and Tanks came out on top.

Placement Team Points
1 Aces 4
2 Metas 3
3 Tanks 2
4 GOATs 1


Next, the battle took place in Valorant, with thousands of viewers tuning in to watch Shroud briefly return to the competitive scene and secure a win for Aces. However, it wasn’t meant to be.

Tanks, which consisted of TenZ, viceCSGO, shinobi, mitchtv, and Modigga were too good for the competition. They had a close game against Tanks in the final, but did what needed to be done to earn the four points.

Placement Team Points
1 Tanks 4
3 Aces 2
4 Metas 1

Fall Guys

Last but not least, the Twitch Rivals Super Team tournament wrapped things up with Fall Guys. It was a nail-biting rollercoaster ride from start to finish, with hilarious ups and downs along the way.

In the end, GrandPOOBear survived a dramatic finish on Hex-A-Gone to get the win. He landed on the same hexagon as the other remaining survivor, which put a spanner in the works. However, he managed to find a better route and held on by the skin of his teeth.

Final Placements

The Twitch Rivals Super Team Showdown was a thrilling contest from start to finish. However, Team Tanks were the best team throughout the tournament.

It didn’t matter that they only won in Valorant. They gained enough points overall to bring the trophy home and earn $11,000 each.

Twitch Rivals Super Team Showdown schedule & format

The Super Team tournament consisted of a 4-game event where 20 top Twitch creators split into 4 Super Teams. Each team of 5 had one Game Captain for each of the 3 major games — Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant — and 1 captain + 2 teammates for Fall Guys.

In total, each Super Team was made up of 16 Players and the competition wrapped up with all players involved in the Fall Guys event. Things kicked off at 1 PM EST with the start of the broadcast, but the first competition started at 1:30 PM EST with Fortnite and went from there.

Being that this is “Glitchcon,” we saw a few glitches thrown in by Twitch on everything from game modes, prizes, and format, tossing “competitive standards” out the window for this event.

The full lineup of events is listed below (all times in EST):

  • 1:30 PM
    • Fortnite Super Team Showdown
  • 4:00 PM
    • League of Legends Super Team Showdown
  • 6:20 PM
    • Valorant Super Team Showdown
  • 9:10 PM
    • Fall Guys Super Team Showdown
  • 10:30 PM
    • Final Round – Fall Guys

Twitch Rivals Super Team Showdown stream

Streamers participating in the Super Team Showdown obviously broadcasted on their own channels, so if you wanted to watch anyone in particular rather than one big overview, you were able to do so.

However, the optimal way to have caught all of the action in one place was to simply tune into the official Twitch Rivals channel, which broadcasted an overview of all of the action throughout the day.

Twitch Rivals Super Team Showdown teams

There were four teams total, and each one was pretty stacked with well-known streamers including Tyler1, xQc, Tfue, Ninja, and many more. The full list of teams is below:


  • PantsAreDragon
  • nothing
  • DrLupo
  • loltyler1
  • Iridium
  • JamperFN
  • GeneralSniperNA
  • Skadoodle
  • steel_tv
  • shroud
  • duoking1
  • Bugha
  • BotezLive
  • Averyqt
  • TSMSword


TimTheTatman will once again be facing down his old nemesis: Fall Guys.


  • Ninja
  • Morgausse
  • sgares
  • pfitter
  • Reverse2k
  • nibbblerr
  • Sanchovies
  • Official_Cozy
  • Shiphtur
  • Trick2g
  • lilypichu
  • TFBlade
  • Kate
  • ShawnBM
  • Yassuo
  • branted


  • Voyboy
  • boxbox
  • Amaz
  • pokimane
  • xFSN_Saber
  • TenZ
  • viceCSGO
  • BonsaiBros
  • simplyhai
  • mitchtv
  • NickEh30
  • Modigga
  • shinobi
  • Punisher
  • thedragonfeeney
  • ForestWithin

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