How to switch opponents in AEW Fight Forever

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AEW Fight Forever features a plethora of multi-person match types from Triple Threat to Tag Team matches. When you’re in a match with more than one opponent, you’ll need to know how to switch opponents in AEW Fight Forever, and our quick guide will show you how.

The squared circle is an arena like no other. AEW Fight Forever captures the authentic feel of professional wrestling using arcade-like touches and intricacies. Utilizing the company’s star-studded depth, players can duke it out with the likes of former WWE alumni Jon Moxley, formerly Dean Ambrose, and top AEW stars like Sting, MJF, Darby Allin, and more.

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Developers Yuke’s are experts when it comes to making wrestling games having worked on countless WWE titles over the years. So, they were the natural fit to bring the skin-slapping action of AEW Fight Forever to life. During your time with the game, you’re likely going to find yourself in many matches featuring more than one opponent.

If you’re finding targeting difficult or simply don’t know how to switch opponents, then we’ve got you covered.

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How to switch players in AEW Fight Forever

To switch players in AEW Fight Forever, you’ll need to click the L3 button on PlayStation, the Left Stick on Xbox or Switch, or the matching input on PC.

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When you do so, you’ll notice your character suddenly move their head toward the next applicable player, meaning you are now targeting them. Any attacks you do or movements you make will now be toward the new player selected.

If you have two or more foes in a match, then keep clicking the button to cycle through until you’re facing the opponent you want to. This will especially be helpful in frantic matches such as the Casino Battle Royal where you need to keep on your toes!

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That wraps up our short and sweet guide on AEW Fight Forever’s character switching. For more on the game, we have plenty of other guides to check out:

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