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How to defeat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two

Published: 25/Mar/2021 11:55 Updated: 25/Mar/2021 12:18

by Lauren Bergin


EA Originals’ It Takes Two may be set in a Pixar style universe, but that doesn’t make it easy. Here’s how to beat the Wasp Queen, The Tree’s mechanical boss.

Despite its adorable characters, cartoon universe and quirky mechanics, Hazelight Studios‘ It Takes Two is no walk in the park.

With the title challenging you to join the epic battle between squirrels and wasps to take command of the family’s backyard tree, there’s a whole host of twists and turns along the way that will challenge every one of your gamer skills.

The final boss, however, is pretty monstrous, both because it’s a giant robotic wasp and it’s got a pretty bad attitude. So, without further ado, here’s how to take down the Wasp Queen in style.


How to beat the Wasp Queen

It Takes Two preview wasp hive Dexerto
Hazelight Studios
Traversing the wasp bike is as perilous as it is mindblowingly beautiful.

The hive’s local regent has quite the bone to pick with Cody and May, and she does by moulding her infinite swarm of drones into both weapons of offence and defence.

Presented with a set of rails that are perfect for grinding on, as well as your trusty sap gun and match rifle, you have all the tools necessary to start a virtual revolution.

Here’s the best way to take her out down:

  1. Take out the front targets first by using Cody’s sap then May’s match gun.
  2. Make sure just one of you is on the rail at a time. One of you needs to keep her distracted while the other shoots her.
  3. Cody needs to drop lots of sap – it creates a bigger target for May!
  4. After she destroys the platform, make sure you aim for the chain she’s attached to. Again, make sure you use a good amount of sap.
It Takes Two Wasp Queen boss
Hazelight Studios
This platform won’t be around for long!

While the Wasp Queen may not look too threatening to begin with, the battle does get progressively harder. Make sure to use these tricks when taking her down because, after all, you need to get back to Rose as fast as you can!


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