How to get a Yoyo in Terraria

Nick Farrell
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Terraria offers a wide array of weapons and other items for players to obtain throughout the game, and you’ll want to experiment with a bunch of them including the loveable Yoyo! 

With a flurry of AAA titles releasing in the coming months, from Halo Infinite to the new Battlefield, players are finding comfort in some classic games that have stood the test of time over the years.

One of these games is Terraria, which was originally released back in 2011, and has since been one of the most consistently played games across the world. As developers, Re-Logic have maintained the game throughout the year with consistent updates, and new content for players to dive into.

One of the ways players can change up their game is by using a Yoyo, and we’re going to break down how to obtain one within Terraria.

Players have been able to create amazing houses within Terraria.

What are Yoyos in Terraria?

This is one of the many types of weapons within Terraria, and like a real-life Yoyo, they’ll be flung forward with a string and automatically come back to your player.

While some of the Yoyos are simple to use, as they just propel forward and spring back to the player. There’re some other variants that players will be able to navigate around certain objects within the game, so they can deal damage to enemies wherever they are.

How to craft Yoyos in Terraria

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Terraria offers a wide array of choices for players to partake in!

While there are other ways players will be able to gather these weapons, whether it’s being found through NPCs, random chests, the majority of you are going to be crafting these Yoyos.

Below, we’re going to break down some of the Yoyos within Terraria and how to craft them!

  • Wooden Yoyo
    • 10 Wood
    • 20 Cobweb
  • Artery Yoyo
    • 12 Crimtane Bar
  • Amazon Yoyo
    • 8 Rich Mahogany
    • 12 Stinger
    • 1 Vine
    • 9 Jungle Spores
  • Chik Yoyo
    • Wooden Yoyo
    • 15 Crystal Shard
    • 10 Soul of Light

Other Yoyos such as the Gradient Yoyo and the Code 2 Yoyo can be obtained through merchants within the game.

They won’t cost much, as they typically sell for around 20-25 gold, so a bit of grinding will net you one of these weapons!

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