How to get Wings in Terraria: Crafting guide, materials, more

Nick Farrell
terraia wings

Terraria has some incredible content for players to check out, and crafting Wings is one of the best ways to get around the map easily. Here’s how you’ll be able to craft some of the top ones, along with all the materials you’ll need. 

While many of us are looking forward to AAA releases such as Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard, some other titles such as Terraria have been thriving for countless years now.

Similar to Minecraft, the game bolsters a wide array of crafting components and over the course of the game, you’ll be tasked with obtaining materials needed for certain items.

Wings are one of these items, and you’ll want to craft them as soon as you’re able to. They’ll allow you to soar around the map, making movement a breeze, along with gaining height on enemies.

We’re going to run over the best wings in the game, along with the materials you’ll need to gather to craft them.

Players are able to build incredible structures in Terraria.

How to craft wings in Terraria – Crafting guide

If you’re looking to craft a pair of Wings within Terraria, there’s a wide array of options for players to choose from. But, if you’re early on within your save there’s some that’ll be easy obtainable Wings after you find some materials.

Players will have access to the Fledgling Wings if they create a character within Journey Mode, or, they can be looted throughout chests. But, there’s various ones you’ll be able to craft, and below is a list of all of them, along with the materials needed for each.

  • Angel Wings
    • 10 Feathers
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • 20 Soul of Light
  • Demon Wings
    • 10 Feathers
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • 20 Soul of Night
  • Sparkly Wings
    • 15 Soul of Flight
    • 10 Feathers
    • 10 Soul of Blight
  • Fairy Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • 100 Pixie Dust
  • Frozen Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • Ice Feather
  • Harpy Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • Giant Harpy Feather
  • Bat Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • Broken Bat Wing
  • Bee Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • Tattered Bee Wing
  • Flame Wings
    • 20 Soul of Flight
    • Fire Feather
  • Ghost Wings
    • 20 Soul of Light
    • 10 Ectoplasm
  • Bone Wings
    • 20 Soul of Light
    • Bone Feather

These are just some of the Wings within the game, and there’s plenty of other ones that can be obtained through Treasure Bags.

flame wings
Flame Wings are some of the best-looking Wings within the game.

It’s best to get one of these in your inventory early on within the game, and you may encounter NPCs that’ll give you certain missions, with the reward being a new pair of Wings.