How to change the camera in Gran Turismo 7

cockpit view in gt7Polyphony Digital

One of the keys to the success in Gran Turismo 7 is finding the right camera angle for you. However, it’s easy to jump straight into things and overlook how to actually do that. So, let’s bring it back to basics.

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to racing games. For Gran Turismo 7, it could be the drive of the car, the region of origin, how much traction control you have, and a variety of other factors.

Another big deal is the main camera angle you choose whilst driving your vehicle. Again, some prefer the intimate and authentic feel of being inside the cockpit of the car, whereas others enjoy the full-bodied look of the vehicle, giving you a view of your surroundings.

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But before you decide between the setting that suits you best, let’s nail down the actual function itself first.


chaparall supercar in gt7Polyphony Digital
Use all camera angles to get a range of great camera snaps.

Change camera view in GT7

To cycle through the game’s various camera choices, you’ll simply just need to press the R1 button to see which options Polyphony Digital has put in place for you. They’re nice quick, sharp changes too, so you can easily flick through them all in just a couple of seconds.

They’re all worth considering, especially if weather conditions are making race visibility an issue for example.

fireworks display in gran turismo 7Polyphony Digital
The game is always changing its weather and time of day, so ensure you’re enjoying its dynamic properties to their fullest.

Which camera options are available?

Gran Turismo 7 provides players with four different camera angles to choose from, and each one changes up the dynamic completely.

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Here are the various camera angle to choose from during a race:

  • External camera of the whole car
  • Cockpit cam through the eyes of your driver
  • Just in front of the car near its hood
  • The hood of the car itself

Each view comes with its own positives and negatives, and ultimately, through license tests and early game races, you’ll need to find which one suits you best.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to add that touch of realism and class to your racing experience, you can also modify the cockpit cam to suit your needs. As well as that, each camera gives you an opportunity to absorb and take in the extreme lengths the team at Polyphony Digital have gone into in terms of detail.

A low-down view in front of the car will allow you to crash through the real-time puddles and feel the spray, whereas being in the cockpit will let you see the light bouncing around the car, especially as the dynamic day/night system has its bearing on the environment.

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