How to earn Credits fast in Gran Turismo 7

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As much fun as racing is in GT7, we still all want to be able to go crazy buying cars, parts, and customization options. Here’s how to earn credits fast in Gran Turismo 7.

At the heart of Gran Turismo 7 is a deep system that encourages players to acquire cars from all over the globe and tune them in specific ways. Sadly, none of this is free, and you’re going to need to earn Credits to fuel your spending sprees throughout the game.

Thankfully, Polyphony Digital have provided players with a variety of different ways to earn Credits. We’ve isolated these methods and will give tips on the best way to utilize them and accelerate your Credit-earning potential.

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modding a toyota supra in gt7Polyphony Digital
It’s always more fun to not have to be constrained by a budget.

What are Credits in Gran Turismo 7?

Quite simply, Credits are the currency of Gran Turismo 7. Given that the game focuses on multiple continents and enjoys its worldwide focus of all cars, Credits act as a universal currency.

Once obtained, they can be used to buy used cars, new cars, procure parts to improve your vehicles, and also be exchanged for cosmetic additions too.

Fast ways to earn Credits in GT7

The preference for earning Credits might differ from person to person. Ultimately, it will all come down to how you approach the game, which content you enjoy the most, and how desperate you are for Credits. By going out of your way to complete particular objectives, you might make certain races easier and more winnable.

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gt cafe in gran turismo 7Polyphony Digital
The GT Cafe is a great way to earn rewards.

Roulette Tickets

The game gives players the opportunity to complete ‘Menu Books’ which contain different objectives such as collecting three types of car or claiming a podium spot in a championship. Success is usually rewarded with a Roulette Ticket that lets players get a random pick from a selection of goodies.

Prizes consist of Credits, car parts, and cars themselves. A Gold Bar will turn up every now and again which can reward players with six-figure returns!

Complete races, license tests, and Circuit Experience

Quite an obvious one here but it’s exactly what it says on the tin: play and enjoy the game. Make sure to spread your playtime out over the different types of content to enjoy all the game has to offer.

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More importantly, don’t forget about Circuit Experience either. The first few hours of Gran Turismo 7 heavily promote World Circuit races and license tests, but Circuit Experience scenarios can be relatively quick and easy depending on your ability and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Go for Gold

Got a bronze or a silver in your license test and are happy to move on? Don’t. With a track, scenario, and feel of a car still fresh in the mind it’s always better to give it a few goes and try and scoop up all three rewards in one sitting.

cars racing in gran turismo 7Polyphony Digital
Be smart and sensible and you’ll save staggering amounts of Credits!

Be tactful

Certain races and events will either demand a car from a certain region, one that needs to meet PP requirements, or one equipped with specific tires. Now, wherever possible, always try and see if you have an applicable car, and how far off of the requirements it is.

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Most of the time, a few handy upgrades will bring it up to spec and save you investing in new wheels. If you’re trying to collect all the cars in the game, then you can always do that later. For now, we want to be conservative to build up a healthy bank account.

On the other hand, some events will need you to be strategic and determine if the level of upgrades required is worth the investment. We personally had one such instance of spending 100,000 credits on upgrades, only for the car to fail miserably in its attempts to compete.

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In the end, we bought a car and learned from our mistakes.

Use real money

Last but not least is the most drastic solution of all, microtransactions. Naturally, they’re completely optional and you can easily go through the game without ever having to even think about your card details. But if you’re strapped for time and not cash, then it’s there if you need it.

That’s all the ways you can earn Credits fast in Gran Turismo 7. For more on the game, be sure to check our other content below:

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