Gran Turismo 7: Frame Rate mode vs Ray Tracing mode guide

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Gran Turismo 7 is a visual behemoth with scintillating graphics worthy of the PS5. But the game offers two distinct modes: Frame Rate mode and Ray Tracing mode. Our guide will break down the contents of both and which one you should use.

One of the benefits of modern-day hardware is the ability to showcase next-gen features like Ray Tracing. The term denotes a greater level of detail and depth with regards to lighting and reflection in video game worlds, enabling developers to incorporate unbelievable levels of depth.

The tech does usually come at a cost though, as a steady 60 frames per second is normally traded in to make way for Ray Tracing effects. Most AAA games now ask players to choose between two or three different graphical settings, and Gran Turismo 7 is no different, as we covered in our full review.

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So to help you decide which one will be better for you, let’s run through each one.


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Every aspect of GT7’s graphical qualities are outstanding.

What is Ray Tracing mode?

So as we’ve already covered, Ray Tracing in Gran Turismo 7 is essentially how light refracts and how noticeable the environment is around you as it bounces off your car whilst driving, taking photos, or during cutscenes. With the unique shapes and curves on some vehicles, it’s cool for users, especially those who favor the cockpit cam, as they will get unreal levels of detail.

Polyphony Digital says: “Ray Tracing will be enabled in race replays and 3D scenes. However, Ray Tracing will be disabled in sections where response times are important.”

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What is Frame Rate mode?

Frame Rate is your typical ‘Performance mode’ you will see in most games and it prioritizes the game’s FPS above any shiny graphic-enhancing features. A stable FPS allows the game to run smoothly and avoids any ugly drops in performance or slowdown.

Polyphony Digital says: “The highest possible frame rate will be used throughout the game. Certain other effects including Ray Tracing, which uses a lot of resources, will be disabled or simplified. Ray Tracing will be enabled in certain 3D scenes and in Photo Mode.”

close-up shot of an F1 carPolyphony Digital
Make use of replays and different camera angles to get a fuller sense of appreciation for the game.

Which Gran Turismo 7 mode should you pick?

After a ton of hours spent in Gran Turismo 7 across its wide array of game modes and features, we can confidently say that you can select Ray Tracing mode.

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Our testing and time with the game were conducted on the PS5 using a fully 4K HDR TV set, allowing us to get a real sense of the game’s graphical possibilities. We saw little-to-no drop-off in terms of frame rate and still got to experience the insane detail and delivery of Ray Tracing throughout the different facets of the game.

If your TV isn’t quite getting the most out of the PS5 system, then you might want to consider the Frame Rate option instead.

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