Palworld player creates a stunning “unraidable” base in a secret spot

Michelle Cornelia
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Raids happen from time to time in Palworld, and it seems that this player has figured out a way to bypass them by building their base in this certain location.

For some players, perhaps collecting as many Pals as possible in Palworld may be the main reason they keep playing, while others may prefer to go out of their way to maximize exploration. However, there are also players who take building to a whole level in this game – all limitations aside.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen players showing off their creative skills when it comes to building. From a base featuring a massive water slide to an epic exit ramp, these creations show that almost anything is possible when a lot of effort is put into it.

With that in mind, no matter how breathtaking a base is, it goes without saying that there’s a chance it can get raided and burned down to ashes. This alone seems to motivate one player to create an “unraidable” base in a surprising location.

One player has posted a clip showing off their stunning base that’s tucked away at a waterfall. The clip started with the player slowly ascending from below the waterfall with their flying mount.

What looked like an ordinary waterfall from below turned out to be a perfect spot for their base, showing that building one in this kind of location is possible. Granted, some Pals seem kind of stuck, but the base location seems big enough for their farm.

Since the clip was first posted, it has received quite the attention from other players. “It’s amazing, it looks like an ancient architecture,” praised one user.

A screenshot featuring a raided base in Palworld.
This is what a raided base looks like.

Meanwhile, another said, “That ‘might’ be high enough to fend off the flying hyenas raid. ‘Might’. Although, one could also just disable raids.” Raids can indeed be turned off in the settings, but it seems that some players prefer to have them on.

Another player said, “Your base is unraidable because it is in a hard-to-reach place. My base is unraidable because I turned off raids. We are not the same.”

Either way, some players couldn’t help but point out that Pals seem to get stuck or fall in this type of location and hope that the recent update would fix base bugs.

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