Guild Wars 2 Antre of Adjournment guide: Location & how to complete

Guild Wars antre of adjournment guideArenaNet

Guild Wars 2’s Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle has bested even the most fearsome warriors, so here’s its in-game location and how to complete it. 

Nestled beneath the plains of Guild Wars 2’s Tyria is the path to the Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle, a beast that has defeated even some of the game’s behemoths.

If you’re looking to take a break from all that festive trick or treating or, if you happen to hate spiders and don’t fancy grinding for the Gift of Spiders and Arachnophobia bow, this terrifying challenge may just be the one for you.

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So, if you’re looking to stamp your name into the annals of history by defeating Guild Wars 2’s Antre of Adjournment puzzle, we’ve got a full guide right here.


Guild Wars character glides using cool wingsArenaNet
Gliding is a jumping puzzler’s best friend!

Guild Wars 2 Antre of Adjournment puzzle location

If you’re looking to take on the jumping puzzle from hell, you’ll have to make your way over to the Theater of Delight, which can be found at Malchor’s Leap.

The quickest way to get there is:

  1. Spawn at the Valley of Lyss waypoint.
  2. Head East until you come to the river.
    • You can also head West from Pagga’s Waypoint if the Valley of Lyss one is contested.
  3. Jump into the river.
  4. The entrance to the puzzle is underwater, through a small, circular tunnel.
Guild Wars mapGuild Wars Wiki
You can approach the infamous cave from two very different directions.

Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle: how to complete

As you can imagine, completing this fiendish brain teaser isn’t easy, however, it can be done. Bear in mind that you can glide, but you cannot use mounts.

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To help you out, we’ve listed a step-by-step guide on how to complete it. Bear in mind that you’ll have to take extra care on the slippery surfaces:

  1. After seeing Arcanist Slizz at the entrance, swim to the second or third pool.
  2. On the surface, jump on the pillars in a clockwise direction to obtain the first Smuggler’s loot bag.
  3. Continue clockwise to get the second & third bags.
  4. Return to where you found the second bag and jump across the chasm.
  5. Here’s where it gets difficult: jump to the ledge to the left of the pillar, and then the pillar itself.
  6. Keep going clockwise, across the zig-zags to get the fourth bag.
  7. Proceed through the next room, dodging the holes in the floor to claim the next bag.
  8. Continue clockwise to the next room and complete the jump.
  9. Follow the ledges up to the sixth bag.
  10. Go through the next room to get the final bag.
  11. Follow the ledges counter-clockwise to get the Grand Chest.
    • BE CAREFUL. There is a huge hole just in front of the chest, and falling through it will make all your efforts for nought.

Your reward will be the seven Smuggler’s Loot bags, as well as whatever you find in the Grand Chest itself.

So that’s how to complete the infamous Antre of Adjournment jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2. Looking to keep up to date with all things gaming? Be sure to check out our dedicated page.

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