GTA Online players slam “lazy” Rockstar for recycling GTA 5 story mission in Drug Wars

Filip Krawanski
GTA Online player in a plane during a mission

GTA Online players are furious at Rockstar Games as the new content added to the game feels “lazy” in their opinion. 

GTA Online has had its fair share of issues that other live service games go through in their lifetime. Critiques from the players who think content updates are too scarce, problems with hackers ruining the fun of other players.

Some players are now also accusing the GTA Online developers of being “lazy” and reusing assets and animations from GTA 5’s 10 years old story mode to create “new” missions for the latest content update.

The main talking point in this discussion are the newest missions added to GTA Online as part of the “Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose” update released on March 16. According to fans of the title, multiple new tasks recycle locations, animations, or just whole missions from the story mode.

GTA Online devs blasted for recycling story mission content

A number of GTA Online players have taken to social media as they find the newest content “lazy” and “rushed”. 

As shown by Twitter user Gaming Detective, one of the new missions features a set piece that plays out very similarly to one featured in the story mode of GTA 5. When asked if it was developers getting “lazy” or some kind of Easter Egg, the responses were pretty divided.

“Lazy for sure, this “update” was rushed and you can really see it,” said one user. While another agrees stating: “calling this anything but lazy is insane.”

But other fans disagree, stating that the content is different enough to simply be an homage to the story mode mission.

“I wouldn’t call it lazy since it’s a totally different animation. More like a reference/easter egg,” said one of the fans disagreeing with the accusations made against Rockstar.

Some users in the replies section even speculate that most of the team has already moved on to develop GTA 6 while a skeleton crew was left behind to update GTA Online, thus the recycling due to a lack of manpower and resources. This is all rampant speculation as Rockstar