Gotham Knights players puzzled by 9GB file size for “small update”

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A so-called “small” Gotham Knights update for PC weighs a sizable 9GB, though players can’t figure out why based on the available patch notes.

After a lengthy delay, Gotham Knights launched to mixed reviews last month. Some gameplay and design decisions didn’t sit well with everyone, yet many agreed the title boasted more than its fair share of technical woes.

Critics and players alike have encountered a range of graphical issues, for example. Performance hiccups have proven troublesome, too, especially on PC.

Fortunately, a new patch on Steam means to tackle a number of these shortcomings, though players can’t reconcile the update’s file size.

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Gotham Knights’ latest PC update weights 9GB

Patch notes on Steam marked for a “small update” outline the latest changes to WB Montréal’s newest adventure. As noted by PC Gamer, despite the “small” designation, the new Gotham Knights patch actually weighs in at 9GB on PC.

The file size is pretty puzzling given that there are only 14 fixes listed – 10 general adjustments and four that target stability issues.

Some of the general fixes include a redesigned backup save system, UI and input improvements, and Photo Mode changes.

PC users will especially be pleased with the patch’s stability fixes, given that Gotham Knights should no longer crash when players team up with Steam friends.

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The 9GB update tackles other crashing problems, too, and addresses co-op connection stability. Despite its size, Steam users in the patch’s comment thread note that Gotham Knights’ newest update still lacks a resolution for frame rate drops.

At the time of writing, there’s no word on when another patch may address the game’s ongoing framerate issues.

Gotham Knights is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.