Gotham Knights players flame the “mobile game” quality

Gotham KnightsYouTube: Warner Bros. Pictures

Amid criticism of Gotham Knights’ art style, fans are now saying that the title’s UI looks like a mobile game.

The latest Batman game (which doesn’t actually feature Batman) has been met with mixed approvals. Although Dexerto gave Gotham Knights a favorable 8 out of 10 grade, many other reviews have been more critical.

In particular, the art design and graphics of Gotham City have gotten criticism from fans, with some saying that they pale in comparison to older games.

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But it seems that it is not just the in-game assets and visuals that players feel are lacking.

Players call Gotham Knights UI “mobile game” quality

Reddit user ‘InternationalWafer74’ posted a screenshot of the Gotham Knights character customization menu with the caption: “Gotham Knights UI looks like a mobile game…”

The screenshot shows off the requirements to craft a piece of gear, with the components required highlighted by bright icons. This appears to be the source of the mockery, with many other players agreeing in the comments.

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Capital_Television75 responded “[h]oly sh*t this looks bad,” with CHEWBRIEL adds, “[r]ight? I’m still waiting for someone to tell me this is a joke.”

User playtio sarcastically commented, “[p]robably was at some point,” which is more of a dig at the overall quality of the game.

But the most damning criticism came from Sorripto, who bluntly said “[a]nother chance to remind everyone the collector’s edition for this game was $299.99.”

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Players clearly expect more out of a game like Gotham Knights than “mobile quality” graphics.

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