Gamer’s dad hits “jackpot” & finds rare gaming artifacts in $5 GameCube sale

Cassidy Stephenson
gamecube official controller

A Nintendo gamer’s dad scored a massive steal at a yard sale by purchasing a GameCube collection for $5.

The Nintendo GameCube boasted an impressive library of video games – including Pokemon Colosseum and Metroid Prime. Unfortunately, some of the console’s titles have proven challenging to buy due to their rarity and price points.

However, some Nintendo Switch owners hope the company remakes their favorite GameCube games for the device. The Switch has introduced more N64 and GameBoy titles to Online subscribers in the past few months.

While it’s hard for gamers to find certain GameCube items without breaking the bank, this dad found a bundle for next to nothing.

Clueless dad purchases GameCube collection at yard sale

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A Reddit user revealed what “jackpot” video game bundle his dad scored at a yard sale in the gaming subreddit. The attached image shows the OP’s father bought an entire box filled with GameCube games and the console for $5. And his dad almost passed on this huge deal.

The collection included a Wavebird controller – considered a GameCube artifact. The Wavebird is a fairly rare wireless controller that can easily set players back $100 on eBay.

The box also featured several GameCube games like Luigi’s Mansion, Def Jam, and various Disney movie-based titles.

“Bro tell me you’re not in Wisconsin. My mom just had a garage sale, she has my GameCube, and I had every single one of those games,” one worried user wrote.

Ultimately, this gamer’s mom did not sell his childhood GameCube collection and was “legitimately relieved” when they found out.

“I always feel that behind every find like this is an ignorant parent and their devastated son/daughter. Makes me feel bad,” another person remarked.

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