Collector finds incredibly rare GameCube prototype with one-of-a-kind controller

Philip Trahan
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Video game collector and preservation group Consolevariations have obtained an extremely rare GameCube prototype console and controller from the Spaceworld 2002 expo.

Though still a relatively young form of media, the video game industry has plenty of history that collectors and preservationists are trying to keep track of for future generations.

This includes physical copies of games and legacy pieces of hardware. Specifically, console prototypes or demo pieces are incredibly valuable, given how few of them are found out in the wild.

Now, one video game preservation group has obtained an incredibly rare prototype build of the Nintendo GameCube, complete with an early controller design and unused features

Collectors obtain rare prototype GameCube console

The prototype GameCube was purchased by Consolevariations — a group that collects and catalogs console throughout video game history.

The group confirmed the purchase on Twitter, with a tweet that said, “Finally, after 23 years. The Spaceworld GameCube is discovered!! More pictures are coming soon, only on CV.”

The site then published a blog post detailing how they found the console as well as the differences it houses in comparison to future GameCubes sold at retail.

The Spaceworld prototype has several notable differences compared to the final console, such as a small window on the disc lid with LED lights, a different design for the air vents, and many more small changes throughout.

However, the most notable difference comes from the controller itself, which features a radically different layout compared to the final GameCube controller.

In place of the D-pad is a large, red ‘Select’ button and the ‘B’ button is green and in the shape of the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ buttons. Additionally, the grips and overall controller is much thinner and less bulky than the final product.

Considering there were only a handful of prototype GameCube’s shown at Spaceworld 2002, obtaining a model used at the expo after more than 20 years is quite the achievement.

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